a glimpse into life with the bohle’s.

The title of our blog explains a lot. Or not? Yes, we live in a dorm, no we are not students. Chris works as a Resident Director at in the south suburbs of Chicago. His position requires us to live in an apartment on campus. The [cinderblock] apartment is located in a co-ed freshman dorm. We view our [unique] living situation as a life of ministry and opportunity to serve college freshmen. Chris loves his job. In return, I see the benefit of living on campus post college graduation [minus the rent free two bedroom, two bathroom apartment!]

Amanda is a 1st grade teacher. Crying. Laughing. Sometimes [bathroom-ing on themselves]. Teaching. Learning. Coloring. Cutting. Singing. Loving. Life as a teacher is interesting. There are days that I could not picture myself doing anything else. And days where I am so exhausted I rather be working from home. In my sweatpants. Drinking coffee. Sleeping in. Does that exist? I guess that’s called summer vacation.

The purpose of this blog is not to change the world or even begin to think that many people care enough about our humble lives to read this. We will [probably Amanda] give a glimpse into our unique world of trying to live out the great commission…go and make disciples of all nations, right here in our own backyard [err…hallway?]

Praise be to God.


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