fall. fun. friends.

As I am entering my fifth year out of college I forget that it was really that long ago. I think part of the reason why I don’t think of myself as having left [a life impacting campus] Spring Arbor half  a decade ago is because I am still good friends with the people I did life with there. Those friends changed and shaped who I am today. From accountability to late night chats to peeing our pants laughing to crying on each other shoulders [and maybe some pranks], we formed a bond that clearly lasts.

This weekend was spent with some of those life-long friends. Ashley and Dave hosted Nicole, Andrew, Chris and myself. We were welcomed into their home by candle-light [their power was out]. After a change of plans we ate out and then were excited to come home to a warm, electricity filled home. The evening consisted of pumpkin treats, games, laughter and a lot of “do you remember when’s…”

Saturday we got our fix of fall fun at the apple mill and apple orchard before having the part ways. Donuts, cider, and carmel apples were consumed. Apples were picked. Tractors were rode. And friendships were rekindled. Enjoy a few photos of our fall fun.

This weekend helped me realize how grateful I am for these ladies and the role they’ve played in my life. Take the time to hug a friend, spend time with old ones and make the effort to make new ones. Friends are a blessing and I am forever thankful for them. Thank you girls [and husbands] for a great weekend. To everyone else–get out there and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

Praise be to God.


2 thoughts on “fall. fun. friends.

  1. I think you’re going to be great at this! I might have gotten just a little teary reading it, just a little… 🙂

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