run bohle’s run.

Maybe we don’t run as well as Forest Gump or for as long, but we do try to make running a part of our daily/weekly routines. We feel strongly about the importance of exercise and a [somewhat] balanced diet. Part of my [Amanda] motivating factor is my family’s history of health issues. From cancer to diabetes to high blood pressure, I believe that some of those health concerns can be eliminated or helped with consistent exercise. So with that…we run [or try too].

Chris and I have ran a couple of different races over our past 3+ years here in the Chicagoland area. Some races are more memorable than others. Here’s to highlighting some of our favorite races…

Our “running career” was started by running the Shamrock Shuffle 8k the  in “spring” of 2010.

I am slightly embarrassed to post this picture. But it’s all we got. Before the Shamrock Shuffle we stayed downtown Chicago along with my brother, Matt and his wife, Alisse.

Our carb fest the night before the big race.

Another memorable race for me as a step above the 8K it was a 15K (9.3). Kylie [a great friend from college] flew all the way in from Charleston, SC to run the Hot Chocolate 15K with me.  After completing the 9.3 [freezing cold] miles, we received chocolate fondue and hot chocolate. Now does it get much better than that? Why yes it does…3 other of our friends from college come in for the weekend to surprise Kylie! They stood in the freezing cold November weather to watch us run on the streets of Chicago.

Amanda, me, Kylie, Ashley and Nicole on the train to downtown.

Yes! Finally…what we were working for! 🙂

One of the most meaningful races I have ran was the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K. It wasn’t the distance, weather [40 and raining], or location that made it meaningful, rather the cause we ran for. Proceeds of this 5K went to spread awareness and prevention of colon caner. As most of you  might know, I lost my mom to colon cancer almost a year and a half ago. My brother, Matt, and I ran this race and raised money in her honor. She wasn’t a runner, by any means, but I am sure she would have been proud of us.

Matt crossing the finish line!

Here I am crossing the finish line!

We love and miss you, Mom!

One last race that felt like a real accomplishment was the Solider Field 10 Mile Race. Chris and I decided it was time to run a race together. I wanted to do a half marathon and he did not want to. So…our compromise [that’s what marriage is all about, right] was the 10 miler.

The coolest part of the race? Crossing the finish line at the 50 yard line of Solider Field.

10 miles later and we’re still looking good!

Our good friend, Kris, came to support us!  Thanks Kris!

This weekend Chris and I ran in Trinity’s annual Troll Trot 5K. The race is held over homecoming weekend, runners are alumni, students, faculty, staff, and of course the Trinity Troll!

What’s my next goal you ask? Well…hopefully a half-marathon this spring. Anyone want to join me?

Happy Running!


6 thoughts on “run bohle’s run.

  1. Hey, found your blog when I searched for “running” :
    Pretty cool that you want to run a half marathon, how long have you been running? Do you run on special days like do you have a training schedule?

  2. Thanks for reading our blog! I have been running for a couple of years now. It’s on and off with the change of seasons and depending on how busy life can get. When I am training for a specific race, I stick pretty closely to a schedule. I wish I was better about having a specific routine during the week when I’m not working up to a race!

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. hey if diet is really important to you (and it should be!) you should watch “Food Inc.” and “Food Matters”. They will change your life and you can get them on netflix!

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