decorating cinderblock.

Our living situation is unique. There is no denying that. When we glance out our windows, we usually make uncomfortable eye contact with a freshman. Them not wanting to acknowledge that their peering into our personal lives and us [me] not knowing if I should say hello. Our toilets are industrial strength [which sometimes comes in handy]. The doorbell rings at all hours of the day for all different types of things [how do I do laundry to I’m locked out of my room to my roommate is throwing up and I don’t know what to do]. The aromas from our kitchen [good and bad] fill the entire dorm which inevitability leads to students at our door asking “what’s for dinner?” Or, “can I have some?”

One of the bigger challenges I have faced living in this apartment is how to decorate and make cinderblock feel “homey”. I’ve always been one to dream of the day when I got my own place and could have at it with a paint brush and some creative inspiration. Upon marrying a Resident Director, my dreams where slightly altered. There I stood during our first days of marriage staring at beige, ugly, cinderblocks wondering what was I ever going to do? I’ve learned that not any color looks good on cinderblock, so you must choose wisely. [hence why you won’t see any pictures of our painted bathrooms]

Well, needless to say, with some help of Pinterest and creative fun, I’ve made it work. Although this apartment is old and has it quirks, I felt like I’ve done an okay job making it feel like “home”. Here are some pictures of the before/after attempts to make our  cinderblocks walls have some character and charm.

Picture frames for the living room: Before

Picture frames: after

Chris’ old childhood dresser. I redid this and put it in our bedroom

Almost done!

Final product! I made the mirrors too. I took twigs from outside, spray painted them and glued them onto the mirror. I’m pretty happy with how this looks against the purple [cinderblock] wall.

I found these old shutters at  garage sale this summer and thought they’d be perfect to spruce up our “office”.

Again, I was pretty happy with how they turned out. 

This picture frame wall is also in the office.

This is by far one of my favorite projects. This is a strange wall with a large amount  shelve space that I never really know what to do with it. Until…pinteret came along and I was inspired. It’s amazing what a little trip to the thrift store and some spray pint can do. Viola.

There you have it. I know you’ve all been wondering “how in the world does she decorate a [door room] apartment”. Now you know!


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