teaching. living. learning

One thing teachers are always doing is teaching, right? Right. We’re always learning too. This week (Thursday and Friday) my school took two days away from the sneezing, coughing, laughing, energetic kids to attend the annual ACSI teacher’s convention. This year the format was different. They brought in many big name speakers to help us Christian teachers get re energized, learn new teaching strategies and help us understand the importance of our jobs [they actually trust me with 19 6/7 year olds…whoa!]

There were a few highlights of the conference. I will outline a few.

James MacDonald: I am not usually a fan of preachers preaching at me while I’m at a conference to learn about teaching. But this man spoke words into my life that I’ve been needing to hear for the past 4 years of teaching. He spoke about how ministry is lonely, challenging, has conflict and can be down right hard. He gave us encouragement of doing our jobs well, loving our students the way Christ loves us and finding strength in the Lord. Over and over he spoke these more-than-simple words: “I won’t quit, I won’t quit, I won’t quit” [even when it gets messy and hard].

Harry and Rosemary Wong: If you’re at all familiar with the world of education. I’m sure you’ve heard of these fabulous educators. They have written the [life changing] book The First Days of School. This was a required textbook in college and one that I have read over and over and over. Simply stated, this book is what runs my classroom. We had the privilege of hearing them speak live. They gave great ideas and practical suggestions of classroom management and teaching delivery. The added bonus to this you ask? While our staff was out to dinner on Thursday night, guess who walks into the restaurant? Harry Wong!! I even shook his hand and introduced myself.

Spending time with other staff members: The joy of going away together as a staff is to spend time with each other. This is something that doesn’t happen at school [lesson plans, kids, papers, to do lists, etc]. It was nice to eat meals together, stay up late talking, and just building those friendships.

Speakers I didn’t agree with: For most, this usually isn’t a highlight of a conference. After sitting for two straight days, listening to speaker after speaker, I enjoyed the ones who kept my attention by making me mad. I won’t name names or give details. I just simply enjoyed having something to disagree with!

All in all it was an uplifting time away from school and the kids. I was glad to get home and start the weekend. Monday will be here soon enough and I will get to take all the information I learned back into the classroom [hopefully].

Happy Saturday to you all!


2 thoughts on “teaching. living. learning

    • Thanks Liz. I am glad you found my post to be enjoyable. Isn’t it great that administrators still see the importance of teachers learning, not just getting bogged down in the classroom? It was an uplifting conference that really inspired me to become a better teacher.

      Thank you for the link on your post.

      Best Wishes to you as well,

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