unqiue living

This past week was a unique one. One that is the epitome of our living/work situation.

Monday: Halloween right? Most people dress up, turn on their porch light, get the candy out and wait for the cute little trick-or-treaters to show up. Well, I was blessed with the sounds of 300 some college students screaming, doors banging and chainsaws sawing. Chris and his student leaders made the dorm into a haunted house. While I was laughing at the noises coming from all around me, Chris was part of the madness screaming and scaring hundreds of college students.

Tuesday: Parent Teacher Conferences. Every teachers dream right? It was actually an evening of enjoyable conversations with the parents of my students. My arrival time home: 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday: Worship practice. Chris helps lead worship at our church, Four Corners Community Church With his hardly-there voice [from the haunted house] he headed to practice and left me home to prepare for my next days worth of conferences.

Thursday: Another day full of teaching and conferencing. [Have I mentioned that we were exhausted at the end of the week?]

Friday: A MUCH needed day off for me. My day included: sleeping in, magazine reading, manicure, shopping, Chick-Fil-A, and some much needed R&R.

Saturday: The highlight of the weekend. Every year Trinity hosts a campus wide event called, Trollstock. In so many words, it’s a student talent show. Although not a student, Chris has been known to woo the audience with his marvelous signing voice and angelic piano skills. The song he chose this year? Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Now this wasn’t your typical top 40 version you hear on your local radio station. Rather a South Hall rendition. Chris had the audience on their feet after his [heart felt] performance. As you can tell, students love Chris and South Hall [South is a one of two freshman dorms on campus, there is a unique bond and love that Southies have toward one another and the dorm. Maybe it’s the no a/c or the 1970’s furnishings]. The video is for your viewing enjoyment.


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