christmas crafts.

The balsam candle is burning, the tree is up, and my crafts are done! I love decorating for Christmas. There is no argument there. This year with my new found creative inspiration from Pinterest, I was inspired to be crafty and add to our already 4 tubs of Christmas decorations. With a limited budget given by the hubs and some creative inspiration, I had at it. Enjoy!

The first craft was pretty simple. I found these glass [trees?] at the local thrift store for $1.25 each. I’m not sure the original intent,but they decorate our living room nicely. After purchasing these glass trees, I found this blog that gave me a step by step tutorial of how to get the glitter inside the tree, thus creating a mess free glittery decoration!



The picture frame trees are a spin off of something I saw in Pinterest as well. I found some old sheet music at the local thrift store [I love that place!], cut out a christmas tree silhouette found on Google and then simply painted over it. With a couple of Dollar Store frames, we’re good to go!


Lastly, this might be my favorite of all the crafts I’ve made this season.With some cones from Micheals, a little jute, fabric all sitting in an empty picture frame. Here it is!


I know these pictures don’t do the crafts justice, but it’s the best I got!  May you be blessed the start of this Christmas season!


4 thoughts on “christmas crafts.

  1. Ooh! Pretty. 🙂 And I love the glitter IN the jars…that is especially nice. I do hate the mess some decorations make but that one contains it. Also, I made some wrapped trees this year, too! (only mine are yarn not jute) I put mine in a glass hurricane, but I like the picture frame turned tray idea. That might show up in my house somewherat some point. 🙂 Looks good!

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