bohle family christmas letter.

One thing that I really appreciate about my childhood Christmas memories are the traditions that my mom created for us. Since her passing away, I’ve become more nostalgic about keeping those beloved Christmas traditions alive for Chris and I [and the little Bohle’s someday]. Some of those traditions include: a delicious meatball meal and opening one gift on Christmas Eve, opening stockings first on Christmas morning, and writing the annual family Christmas letter. Well, Chris and I have kept up most of those traditions and thought we would share the 3rd annual Bohle Family Christmas letter with you all. Our apologizes if you’ve already read it in it’s hard copy.


Dear Family and Friends,

With the Christmas tree lights shining, the balsam candle burning, and having just returned from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert, we are officially in the Christmas spirit. This year we are taking a different spin on the traditional family Christmas letter. Below, please enjoy the Bohle’s top 10 highlights of 2011.

10. The blizzard of 2011. School was cancelled for two days, 16+ inches of snow fell, hot chocolate was made, and we were confined to our campus apartment as on-call “essential personnel”.  We celebrated the event by snow shoeing throughout the local forest preserve. We can only hope that 2012 will bring another blizzard…or at least one or two snow days!

9. Spending a week in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR on our first post-honeymoon vacation. We had our fix of coffee, pastries, clouds, and Pacific Northwestern cuisine. The highlight of the trip you ask? Visiting the original Starbucks of course!

8.  Living a unique lifestyle. And blogging about it! Chris is the residence director of a freshman dorm at Trinity Christian College, which requires us to live on its campus in Palos Heights, IL. This year we had the idea to blog about the novelty of our living and working situations. You can read it at! It’s like reading a Christmas letter every week!

7. June, July, and August. There is something about those three months. Maybe it’s because neither of us have job responsibilities during the summer. These months were filled with pool days, reading books, scrapbooking, making crafts, and visiting family and friends.

6. Entering our fourth year into both of our jobs. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we have been out in the “real world” for four years now. We are both very thankful for stable jobs that allow us to serve and minister to those around us. Amanda feels like four is the magic number for years of teaching first grade. The days are finally getting a bit easier with those little ones!

5. Loving married life. Marriage has to be one of life’s greatest blessings. 2011 was a year of dates, laughs, frustrations and even some tears; through it all we love doing life together!

4.  Running the Solider Field 10-mile race. The best part of the race, aside from finishing, was crossing the finish line at the 50 yard marker of Solider Field (where the Chicago Bears play!)

3. Chris earned his Masters degree this spring! He received his M.Ed. in Higher Education from Loyola University Chicago.  We are both very glad he is done with classes and newly acquired student loans!

2.  Growing accustomed to writing Christmas letters. This is the only paragraph Chris wrote in its entirety, and the concept of a Christmas letter is still all new to him. After two years of marriage, he’s finally trying to write a small portion of this letter.  Maybe in 10 years, he will have written numbers 1-4.

1. God’s faithfulness.  This is a constant in our life.  No matter how much we fail God, He continues to provide.  We are thankful for his sovereignty, and during this season of Advent, we look forward to the celebration of God’s son Jesus Christ.

Wishing you a joyful Advent season,

Chris and Amanda Bohle

P.S. If you’re ever in the Chicagoland area, please stop by!


2 thoughts on “bohle family christmas letter.

  1. This is just too presh. And talk about effort. I can say that I will write a top 10 countdown Christmas letter but I won’t. I haven’t even registered for interim yet. You’re one to be admired Mrs. Bohle.

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