a new year.

It’s a new year. A new season. 2012. The year that has been predicted to be “the end of the world”. The gym is crazy busy, cigarette sales have dropped, people have reminisced on the year that just passed and people are starting to drop those hefty resolutions they made a week ago.


For as along as I can remember the beginning of a “new year” has been in September. Where pencils are freshly sharpened and the academic calendar begins. In September I am forced to sit down and think about what I want to do differently in the upcoming “year”, what changes to make and how can I be better at what I do. The academic calendar defines our new [school] years.


With that it’s hard for me to make lofty resolutions for 2012 and reflect back upon 2011 because December 31st and  January 1st do not mark to an end and start of life for us here in the dorms and classrooms.


In general 2011 was a year of learning, growing, laughing and being shaped into the image of Christ. Overall, there were not any major tragedies or celebrations. We attended weddings of friends, saw friends bring new life into the world, taught 1st graders, ministered to college students, spent time with family and friends all while living life loving the Lord and others.


Check back in June when I can give you a true reflection on my [academic] year and then again in September when I make my new years resolutions!


Blessings on your 2012!


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