half marathon.

The shoes have been purchased. My “winter running gear” is out. Our training schedules are hanging above the computer. And the treadmill has been working. Chris and I have finally signed up for our first half marathon.

After running the Solider Field 10 Miler last spring, I remember crossing the finish line thinking, “only three more miles and I could have ran a half marathon”. Well. We’re doing it.

What’s my main motivation you ask? Something to keep me motivated to work out and to be consistent with it. Running isn’t always the most fun [especially on a treadmill in a gross gym], but races help keep me going. There are so many health benefits to consistent exercise [and we all know I don’t have the greatest amount of self control with the sweets], so running is the way I’ve chosen to maintain my health.

With this, will you consider running 13.1 miles with Chris and me on May 6th? If so, go here to register! If not, will you come out and cheer us on?

Also, here is a link to our current training schedule [if you want to join in on our adventure].


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