pinterest teaching.

Everyone is raving about the new website, Pinterest. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Pinterest early in the summer. I spent countless hours during those lazy summer months scouring Pinterest looking for new teaching ideas. With my schools unique curriculum that allows for little creativity, it has been a challenge to think of how to fit in those fun creative activities. Let alone have the time to find, prepare, and plan them. The magic of Pinterest is that it saves so much time in “hunting” process. All you fellow teachers out there know how little free time there is for searching and searching and searching for the perfect craft, project, lesson, etc.

Here are  few of my Pinterest ideas that I have implemented into my classroom this year. Hopefully these will help make 1st grade a little more memorable for the little ones.

Gallon Guys and Gallon Gals. Teaching cups, pints, quarts and gallons to 6 year olds can be a challenge. In previous years students would consistently confuse the measurements and had a hard time grasping how many of what is in what [huh?]. When I saw this [free, little prep] project, I was sold. The kids LOVED making them and they did turn out pretty cute. 🙂 All I needed was some construction paper, glue ,scissors and a little [a lot] of patience. [It was crazy hair day at school the day we made the faces for their gallon gals/guys. Notice the blue and rainbow hair?]

I saw this “Stop and Think” as a poster. Instead of fronting the cost of making a wall sized poster, I used these letters to make this wall. Throughout my years of teaching, I have learned the value of putting up permanet bulletin boards/displays. Since having this up, I often find myself saying “is that necessary” to the children who are talking about their gasses being passed. This usually puts an end to the inappropriate conversations. I know it works when I hear students saying to their peers “is that true?” or “is that kind?”.

The kids made these 100th Day of School crowns. I saw the quick little template on Pinterest just a few days before the big day in 1st grade. Now we’re only down to 68 more days. Not that I am counting…

This is my own doing [Not Pinterest], thank you very much! The fireplace goes up in December with stockings hanging above it. I was in need of something to help my students reinforce nouns, verbs, and adjectives and wanted to make a winter display somehow. They had fun making the winter pictures and thinking of wintery words to go with it. If I were to use their words they thought of in a sentence it would sound something like this: “The polar bear built an icy igloo.” Not too bad if I do say so myself!

Happy Pinning to each of you…teachers and non teachers alike.


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