we are moooooving.

And it’s not back to the farm [Amanda grew up on a dairy farm]. On July 1st, Chris will begin his new role as the Associate Director of Student Life at Hope College in Holland, MI.

I know, you’re thinking, “but they live in a dorm, what will they ever blog about?”

We have been blessed to start married life and our professional careers here at Trinity Christian College.

This year will complete our fourth year of life in the dorms (or as Chris would say, residence hall). As stated in previous posts, this cinder block apartment was never where I expected to start adulthood. I, however, have come to love South Hall and the quirks of our apartment. We have made it our home!

The cinderblock walls, odd light switch placements, lack of temperature control, basement laundry, and windows facing the courtyard will be dearly missed. More than missing South Hall and and our home of the past several years, we will terribly miss the people we have come to love over the years. The RA’s, RD’s, coworkers, friends from church, fellow teachers, students–the list could go on. We were welcomed into a loving, Christ-centered community when we moved here, and we will be forever thankful for that. Our apartment has been host to tears, laughter, deep conversations, decision making, game nights, endless meetings, homemade meals, and many friendships. We are different people now than we were four years ago due to the people we have developed relationships with.

So–about Hope College…

His position is the “next step” in the world of higher education. After receiving his Master’s degree from Loyola University Chicago last spring, we’ve known that our time of dorm life was coming to an end. His new position will include new student orientation, overseeing student activity groups and developing student leadership on campus. The position comes with a cute little house located on the skirts of campus and is a short walk from downtown Holland. I [Amanda] will look for teaching and non-teaching jobs [I’m not picky!] in the greater Holland area. We are deeply thankful for this opportunity.

Although we leave Trinity with sad hearts, we are going to Hope with a new sense of excitement. Prayerfully, we are preparing our hearts to serve the community, invest in a church, and help change lives at Hope College. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for the upcoming years of our lives. We have felt His perfect timing and placement in this whole process.

If you are ever in Holland for Tulip Time, please give us a call. We will be the only non-dutch people wearing wooden shoes! In the future if you cannot locate Chris and Amanda Bohle on Facebook, we will have changed our names to Chris and Amanda VanBohlen. Haha. Enough with the dutch jokes.

Please join us in prayer as we make this transition!

P.S. Since we will no longer be living life in the dorms, we are in need of a new blog name. We are taking suggestions. The winning suggestion will receive a free iPad. [or a high five].


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