end of an era.

The end of the school year always forces me to reflect upon the year that just came to a close. In years previous, I would have a list of things that worked well/didn’t work well, what I wanted to change/keep the same. I would think through how I handled situations with parents, did my teaching/management style work with my students needs, and mainly evaluate the growth of my students and what I can do better next year.

The end of this school year has proven to be very different. As the final days of the year came to a close, I was packing box after box of books, crafts, teaching supplies, etc. As I was packing, I found myself evaluating my work as a teacher and how I’ve grown as a professional over the past four years. I found myself grateful for the people who invested in me, my coworkers who were always willing to offer advice or lend a listening ear, students who challenged me and students who taught me many lessons.

Teaching isn’t an easy career. There were times I felt lonely, clueless and defeated. Then all it would take would be a simple hug of a child or a “I love Mrs. Bohle” love note on my desk to remind me why I was doing what I was doing.

My hope and prayer is that at some point over the last four years I have made a small impact on the lives of my students. That they are better able to understand the world around them while having grown closer to the Lord.

Here’s to wearing the hat of a teacher, mom, doctor, dentist, and lawyer, endless mummers of hearing “Mrs. Bohle” rumble throughout my classroom, many stacks of papers graded, hundreds of emails read and responded to, and work that hopefully lead my little ones deeper in love with Jesus.


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