summer vacation.

Neither Chris or I have job responsibilities in the summer. Throughout the past four years we have taken full advantage of this huge blessing! During the past four summers we’ve gotten married, went on a honeymoon, traveled to several different states, spent time relaxing at the local pool, made trips to see friends and family, camped with friends, and have simply enjoyed time together. The month of June is the last we will have of this privilege as Chris’ new job is on a 12 month schedule. We decided to soak up our final days of summer freedom by going on vacation.

Our first stop was to Fort Collins, CO to visit one of Chris’ good friends from high school and his wife. Garrett and Lindsey were fabulous hosts and gave us a warm welcome to CO. Our time in Fort Collins included: bike rides, drive-in movies, dinner out, putt-putt golf, camping, hiking and spending time catching up with old friends. Here are some pictures of our time in CO.

Garrett and Lindsey camping.

Garrett’s massive hobo dinner!

Making dinner.

Props to this tent for withstanding 50 mph wind gusts throughout the night. [causing us to get very little sleep]

We woke up [I never really feel asleep] from camping, ate breakfast and then hiked the Twin Sisters peak. The trail was about 8 miles. This was at about the half way point.

The hike continues.

Finally to the top! This picture is deceiving..the weather was about 30 degrees with 40-50 mph winds. Needless to say–we didn’t stay up here long.

At the top of the mountain lives these creepy little creatures call marmots. They were scampering all over the place and made me quite nervous.


On the way back from camping and hiking, this was our view of the wildfire. It started when we were there at around 2,000 acres and now has grown to over 53,000 acres. Crazy!

Thanks Garrett and Lindsey for a wonderful stay!

The second portion of our trip took us to Port St. Lucie, FL. Chris’ dad and stepmom live here so it makes it nice to visit them while being 20 minutes away form the beach. Most of our time in FL was spent laying poolside, reading books, catching up with family and dining out in the evenings. We didn’t take too many pictures, but here are a couple from one of our evenings out.

We had a wonderful trip to celebrate our last summer of complete freedom! Now we will spend our final days of June packing and moving to Holland. The movers arrive next Wednesday…guess we better be ready!

Happy Summer everyone!  May your days be as relaxing as ours!


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