baby bohle.

It’s official! We are pregnant! Baby Bohle will be arriving this Christmas. It was about 3 months ago when we found out and have been anxious to share our news with everyone! Right now, I am 14 weeks along and doing well! As we have told family and friends our big news, we have found that there are several of the same questions asked each time. I figured we would do a  FAQ with the Bohle’s, because I know you all are thinking and wondering the same things. Here we go:

Q. How are you [Amanda] feeling?
A. Great! I haven’t been sick once. Nor have I experienced that dreaded word that every pregnant women fears–nausea. Praise the Lord! I haven been pretty tired. There were some days at the end of the school year where it took every once of being in me to walk out to the car and drive myself home. One afternoon about 3 weeks ago, I think I took 3 naps. My newest pregnancy symptom? Hunger! Oh my lands am I hungry! I feel like I could eat a cow at least three times a day. 

Q. Was this a surprise or was it planned?
A. A little of both. We had talked about how right now wouldn’t be the best time to start having kids considering we are moving and starting a new life in Holland. Well–that’s when we found out we were expecting. Go figure–God’s plan is always greater than ours.

Q. Is your due date really Christmas?
A. Yes. We’ve been given several different dates and Christmas was one of them. For now, until we are told otherwise, we are planning on a Christmas baby. Do the doctors really know though? It all seems like a suggestion anyways. 

Q. Will you [Amanda] look for a teaching job?
A.Yes! Well–actually I’ve already found one. Last week I accepted a part-time preschool position at Holland Christian Schools. It is three mornings, 10 hours a week. It couldn’t be more perfect to allow me to be mommy and teacher at the same time. My mom would be proud–teaching preschool after all! God’s hand could not be more evident in this transition to life in Holland and life as parents.

Keep an eye out for continued updates on this journey! We are pretty excited!

The same week we decided to move to Holland is the same week we found out we were pregnant.

5 weeks

6 weeks and ran a half marathon!

8 weeks

9 weeks and I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL! (notice the bag of peach rings on the table? That’s been my one and only craving. So strange)

10 weeks

11 weeks and climbed up to 11, 000 feet altitude while hiking in CO!

12 weeks

13 weeks–starting to show?? Maybe not?

14 weeks and our first day in Holland!

There you have it folks. Chris and I are celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary  this week by watching our home be packed into the back of a semi-truck! Now we are trying to settle into life in Holland!


11 thoughts on “baby bohle.

  1. I am just so excited for you two (three:)! Can’t wait to visit soon in Holland! Hoping some day we will live/work in the same city again;)

  2. congrats chris and amanda! looking at the pictures makes me think back to very similar celebrations in that little ol’ south hall apartment (there MUST be something in the cinder block! somebody better tell the next rd!) same picture, same room, same happiness! god bless…big things ahead for you both! be well and enjoy the ride! shannon 🙂

  3. So so happy for you both!!! Chris you will make an awesome dad! Take care of amanda. Amanda- congrats on the job. That baby will be so blessed to have you as parents.

  4. Hi, Congratulations! I am kin to your Mother-in-law, second cousins, have always stayed close friends. I know Harry & Luella are very happy for you two. I am a Great Grandmother for the first time, my sweet little Mabel is 19 months old. I wish your little the family the best! June

  5. Congratulations!!! We’ve been blessed with TWO Christmas babies (Kendall-Dec. 25 and Carter-Dec. 28) and it makes the celebration of the holiday season even more exciting and special. I hope you continue to feel well and prayers for a healthy baby!

  6. looove the pictures! and yes, certainly showing a bit in week 14! hooray 🙂 will you be in town july 15/16? i wanna see that belly and get a quick tour of your new place!

  7. Congratulations, Chris & Amanda! We are SO excited for you guys! And holey moley, way to go running a half marathon while you were pregnant. That’s awesome. You sure are a cute pregnant lady. Looking forward to seeing more updates and pics! (P.S. Sorry on the late congrats…I’ve been meaning to comment ever since I read your good news!!!)

  8. I’m so excited for you guys!! Fun Fact: I was born on Christmas…your baby can be as cool as me! Of course, having y’all as parents already makes baby pretty cool.

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