life in holland.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve been in Holland almost three weeks. It seems like just a short time ago we were saying goodbye to our life in Chicago and moving back into the mitten.

People have been asking us how things are going in Holland, so I thought I’d give a brief update.

Holland is just about picture perfect in the summer; cute downtown, awesome beaches, great ice cream shops and the list could go on. We have been fully enjoying walks, meals and shopping downtown, afternoon trips to the beach, and the charm of a small town. We have enjoyed visits from college friends and several Trinity friends as well. From visiting new churches to making new friends, we are embracing this time of transition with open arms, and praying we feel settled and at home before this little bundle of joy comes!

The most unique part of our transition to life in Holland is our living situation. Currently we are living in an apartment downtown Holland, but this won’t be our permanent place of residence, as that is currently being worked on. It’s been an interesting unpacking process with a lot of, “oh I need a strainer for the spaghetti noodles…but it’s at the other place” or “I need my dress clothes…oh they’re not here”. There’s been a lot of back and forth and  plenty of time to make our little home “ours” before living there. Most of our boxes are unpacked in our permanent place, we just aren’t there yet. Decorations lay on the floor waiting to be nailed to the walls. All in all–we are ready to be in one spot for good (or a couple years!).

Here are a few pictures of some of  our time in Holland. We are looking forward to feeling completely settled and creating memories here in the land of the Dutch.

Have I mentioned that Holland has AWESOME beaches?

Our new favorite evening activity is indulging in frozen yogurt!

This is a picture of our permanent apartment (the one we are not living in yet). We [Amanda] still have some decorative work to do!

Kylie and Kris came to visit for a day! So good to have such good friends to spend a day with!

Kylie and I at the beach.

Cat stopped by for a bit too!

It’s been so nice to see familiar faces and make unfamiliar ones familiar. We are excited to keep you updated on our journey!


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