it’s a…

Ultrasounds are an amazing thing. The technician is calm, the parents are nervous wrecks. She squeezes some warm jelly on your belly and the mom’s heart rate rises dramatically. Dad sits nervously in the chair. They both see an image of what looks like a precious little baby on the screen. The technician gets to work, points out what everything is and acts like this little miracle is an everyday occurrence. Well, for her it is. But for us…it’s a once in a life time experience.

Today we saw our little Baby Bohle and it actually looked like a…baby! There were eyes and ears, a mouth, there were 5 tiny fingers on each hand and 5 tiny toes on each foot. We saw the femur bone and the four ventricles of the heart. It was an amazing thing, all over in about 25 minutes. This is (if everything continues to go well) our last view of Baby Bohle till that special Christmas Day when it’s born.

Today was the first time reality hit me that I have a baby growing in that tiny little belly of mine. Seeing the baby do flips and twists, kicking my bladder and opening it’s mouth made me excited to meet this little one. It’s the first time I fully grasped the reality that Chris and I will spend the rest of our lives providing for and loving it as best as we can.

It’s amazing to me that I’ve done nothing to create that spinal cord, or the bladder. That the femur has fully developed on its own along with the head and stomach. If this doesn’t prove the Lord as our Creator, I don’t know what does.

After our appointment, I went shopping for that one perfect thing that was a “must have” for finding out the gender of our child. After  three stores, I finally found what I was looking for:
Filled twizzlers! Thanks to my dear friend Kylie for introducing me to these. Once I can explain why I crave what I crave, I will tell you how many I ate this evening.

And I found this too:

Can’t wait to welcome Baby Boy Bohle into the world in 5 short months!


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