creating a new normal.

When people ask how our transition to Holland life is going, all in all, we say we can’t complain. This summer was a little more anxiety filled (for me at least) and we felt more unsettled than previous ones. That was mainly due to not being in our real place of living.

Now that we are settled, our stuff is unpacked, the walls are decorated and we’ve made the place “ours”, our daily routines have begun. And again, we can’t really complain. I’m going to outline some of our “new normals”:

Hope College:

As most of you know, we moved to Holland for Chris’ new position at Hope College. Previously, he was working as an RD (residence director). He now is working in Student Life. Although his work looks very different than it did before, he is really enjoying his new job. He is adjusting to “office hours”, while still staying busy during evenings and weekends with different student activities. And what should we say about Hope? This place is awesome. More and more we are learning how great of a place Hope is.

Holland Christian:

After accepting the position at Hope, and finding out we were preggers, I started looking for part-time jobs (teaching and non teaching alike). I would have never thought I’d end up teaching at HC. It truly has been a blessing. Moving from 1st grade to preschool has been a learning experience for me. I am really enjoying my schedule (M, W, THR, 8:00-11:30). Although those are my hours, I have yet to leave school before 12:30. I guess I’m still trying to get into the rhythm of this preschool thing!


Building a new community is always the biggest challenge about moving to a new place. ย We have already felt more at home in Holland than we did in the first couple of months (err…year?) in Chicago. While we are feeling “at home” here, we are still in that search for community. This mainly comes in the form of a church family. Once we solidify where we want to attend, I am confident we will begin to feel a part of a family other than our jobs. It is all a process.

Some of the Holland downfalls (does it have any really?):

One of my new soapboxes is how people can create any reality to look perfect via social media. Life isn’t always jolly and picture perfect, so why do we feel the pressure to make it seem that way through our Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures? I am guilty of this too, and it bothers me. ย While taking the risk of sounding bitter, here are some of the things we don’t post on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Our kitchen is tiny and ugly. If you’ve visited us, you already know this. It has really taking some humbling to get over this. I often look at what everyone has and their big glamorous houses (or so Instagram shows) and become jealous. Our kitchen is not fancy, or pretty, or nice smelling. But you know what? It stores our food and is the host to more food than many people in the world could ever imagine having at one time.
  • We are missing the access to a big city. This sounds superficial and it is, so don’t judge us. ๐Ÿ™‚ But there are times when we just really want to go to Trader Joe’s or Nordstrom Rack. Grand Rapids offers a good substitute for Chicago, but there are times we miss the easy access we had to such a major city.
  • Missing the “RD” life. Never have we doubted that it was our time to leave Trinity and move onto a more “normal” living situation. But there are many times we find ourselves wishing that we had people randomly stopping over and staying for the evening. Or wanting others to eat my fall treats than ourselves. Life has become very quiet here in Holland, and we often find ourselves wishing we had 6 RA’s to feed and 130 freshman to invite over whenever we wanted.

All in all, we feel very blessed to be in Holland. We see this as a place where we will raise Baby Bohle and possible raise Baby Bohle #2 (somewhere far down the road). Below are some pictures of our new place. It doesn’t have cinderblock walls and actually has natural lighting–two HUGE pluses in my book! ๐Ÿ™‚ย The dining area.

The office area. Still looking for the perfect picture or sign to go under the three little mirrors.

The living area.

Mantel and living area.

French doors leading out into the sunroom.

One of our favorite rooms in the house. Morning coffee tastes so much better out here.

Hallway leading to the bathroom and bedrooms.

Our bedroom. Love the windows


Bedroom continued.

The outside of the house.

There you have it folks. Happy Fall y’all!


3 thoughts on “creating a new normal.

  1. I really value your honesty. Thank you. I can relate to that “picture perfect” version of life our social media offers, and your commentary is refreshing. Plus, you have done a wonderful job of creating a home. It’s beautiful.

    I also understand how it feels to find your place in a community. We feel more at home here in NY than we did in the 3 years we lived in Monroe. I pray you find your church family soon.

    • Thanks Melanie. My goal is to be honest as possible. We really do love it here, but that doesn’t always make it easy! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Glad you guys are feeling at home in NY. That is such a comforting feeling. Your prayers are appreciated.

  2. Palos Heights misses you! Thankfully you are close enough for a weekend drive. ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys will find your community soon enough…who wouldn’t want to hang with the Bohles??? ๐Ÿ™‚

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