size small.

I write this blog post knowing that I am taking the risk of sounding pretentious or too critical. I know that everyone has a different experience with pregnancy and I am only writing this to share mine. Not to say that I am right or that everyone should be like me. Simply to just stand on my soapbox for a few minutes and then be done with it.

The topic of this post has been brewing in my mind for several months now. It all started when I thought it would be a good idea to purchase some maternity clothes. My goal was to stay in my normal clothes for as long as possible to save us some cash. As hard as I tried, my belly grew, so my wardrobe needed to as well. While hunting for cheap, stylish maternity clothes that fit, I left every store empty handed. The reasons why? 1. I was too cheap to spend $35 on a shirt that made me look like I was wearing a paint smock 2. they didn’t have any smalls or extra small. Reason #2. is the topic of this post.

As I have been pregnant I have discovered it’s not the norm to remain small and not pack on the pounds. It’s not because I have a body of perfection or that I don’t eat an entire package of peanut butter Oreos in 3 days to make this a reality for me. I can’t explain why I haven’t gained a ton of weight, other than I eat normal foods and workout several times a week. I have found that the expectation during pregnancy to is eat as much as you want and get as big as possible. Since that hasn’t really happened to me, I endure the comments of: “wow, you’re not big at all” or “are you sure you’re THAT far along?”. I then get the sense that they are thinking “I hope your baby is okay”. My response is always, “until my doctor tells me something is wrong, I’m not worried.”

Yesterday I had my an appointment with my doctor and HE asks, “are you worried that you’re not bigger?” My response, “should I be”? His only intent in asking me was because he assumed that I was getting a lot questions and judgements about not being bigger as a 7 month pregnant lady. He reassured me that everything was fine. Explained how he measured to gauge the baby’s growth, remeasured and reassured me that I am fine. His final advice as I left my appointment? “To anyone who questions why you’re not bigger this far along, lift up your shirt and show them your belly, that’ll shut them up.” (my doctor is a straight shooter, if you can’t tell).

Not that I plan on flashing my bare belly to everyone around me, I just hope this message gets out to the maternity clothes distributors. Please make size extra small and smalls available for us to purchase. Just because I am carrying a baby doesn’t mean that I have gained 90 pounds and have increased 8 pant sizes.

Now that I’m off my soapbox, I am going to finish my Peanut M&M’s, take a afternoon walk around town and then flash my bare stomach to anyone who questions weather or not I am properly caring for my unborn son.


3 thoughts on “size small.

  1. I hear the fierce, mama bear coming out in you! That-a girl 🙂 Yoga pants and longer, stretchy shirts are a great alternative to maternity clothes, especially if you aren’t gaining a ton of weight. These next few months will be much different too.

  2. Ha Amanda I am only 4 weeks behind you and I can still wear my normal pants and my Dr said lots of women get this far along and can still hide it 🙂 I think you might just not have encountered all the people like you yet 🙂

  3. I feel you, I got that all he time. One of Matt’s great aunts told me at 8 months pregnant that she did not think I would have Will until 4 months after his due date and if I did have him on time he would not be okay! And you know how he turned out…healthy and big:) hope the shower goes well today! Miss ya.

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