c-section and preschool.

“How in the world do these two relate”–I’m sure this is what you’re asking right now. There are days where I am very thankful for my job and today was one of them.

This morning my preschoolers were full of energy. The toy area was destroyed. The noise level was above “indoor voice”. The crafts were messy. The Indian headband feathers weren’t cut out perfectly. And…hold your breath. The playdough fell on the floor. It was a day where I heard “Mrs. Bohle” muttered more than anything else. No one was hurt. Every project was completed. The kids had fun. Friends were made and shells were broken. They came to school excited and left even more excited. I came home and took a nap and then went to my doctor’s appointment.

I was annoyed at the appointment. I waited in the waiting room for over 30 minutes. I waited in the room for another 15. I had gained ANOTHER 3 pounds. Finally the doctor comes in. His first words “I’m really sorry, but I have to make this short. I’m on my way to perform a c-section.” He listened to the heart beat, measured me, felt to see if the baby was breech and then left. All in about 5 minutes. All to go bring another life into this world. As I saw him running across the street to the hospital, I was suddenly thankful for the messy playdough, loud  noise level and uncut Indian feathers, as my responsibility today was to provide a positive school experience and not to perform an emergency c-section.


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