weeks 37-39

To be honest, I am surprised I am writing this post. When the doctor told me (almost 4 weeks ago) that  I could “go into labor any day”, I packed my bags, prepared my classroom and let the anxiety flow. Well, here I am almost 40 weeks pregnant with no signs of immediate labor. At my last appointment the doc said I’ve made “more progress” but it’s still a “waiting game”. You would think with medical advances we have now days, they should be able to give you an exact date.

There is still a chance this little guy could make an appearance sometime before/on Christmas. Until he comes, we are enjoying our quiet mornings, spontaneous afternoons and restful nights.

Here are pictures of the last couple of weeks. I’m ready for these to not be pictures of my growing belly but rather a growing baby! I am posting these prior to the 40 week picture in hopes that I won’t make it that far!

IMG_418237 Weeks

IMG_418338 Weeks

IMG_418639 Weeks

Now that my bags are packed, I am done teaching until March, 10+ meals are waiting in the freezer and the house is cleaned, this little guy can come any day now!


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