2 weeks in. what i’ve learned as a mom.

Wowzers is being a first time mom an adjustment. In the past two weeks I’ve experienced the greatest joy of my life (aside from marrying Chris) and some of the greatest amounts of frustration. August is a perfect, precious gift from God. He is fearfully and wonderfully made. He brings me a joy that I never knew possible. He has humbled me in ways I’ve never been humbled before. He has taught me more about myself in these two weeks than any other two week span. Below are some highlights of what I’ve learned during this process.

1. Giving birth is one of life’s most amazing miracles. Throughout pregnancy, I often forgot that I was carrying a baby, a human, someone who would grow and get a job and hopefully make a positive impact on people’s lives. The moment I saw August, I was in awe and felt the reality of the gift we were given. The gift of life. A new human being. He is ours to parent, to love and to cherish–even when things are frustrating.

2. I am WAY more of a control freak than I ever thought. I have learned how type A I really am. I like things timed out. I thrive on schedules. Things need to go according to my plan. I like things done in a certain way. My days don’t differ much in their routine. Well…if you’re a mom, you are probably laughing at this. August has taught me how little control I actually have over his life. I can feed him every three hours, let him sleep, read endless books/blogs/websites, and pull my hair out all while trying to get him in a routine. Then…he wakes up 45 minutes early, eats 2 hours early and cries for longer than I had planned. There goes my afternoon trip to Hobby Lobby…

3. I’ve learned to accept help. I’m usually one to say “thanks, but no thanks”. When people are offering to bring meals, drop off coffee, clean my bathroom, my response? Yes please! We have truly been humbled and blessed by the amount of love August has already been given.

4. I have a better glimpse of God’s love. My love for Chris has grown deeper than I knew possible. My love for August grows and develops each day. These two loves don’t even begin to compare to the love God has for us. A love that we don’t deserve. A love that I take for granted on a daily basis. My prayer is that August will grow to know and cherish how much God loves him. That he will commit his life to following Jesus.

5. On a more superficial note: a. little boys can pee way farther then you ever expected. b. i now know why moms microwave their “morning” coffee. c.i’ve learned how to make coffee, fill water bottles, put clothes away, text, email, facebook all with one hand. d. you can read any and every baby book possible, but in the end… you need to follow your instinct, listen to your baby and do what you think is best. The most important thing August needs right now (aside from food) is our love.

I can’t devote a whole post to August with attaching a few pictures.

We think he’s pretty great (even when he doesn’t sleep).

August2What a gift we’ve been given!


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