cabin fever.

I don’t know if anyone else is feeling it, but this mama has a severe case of cabin fever. Upon moving to Holland we knew to expect something called “lake effect snow” and grey skies. I thought to myself; “I grew up in Michigan and have lived in the Midwest all of my life, it can’t be THAT bad.” 6 months and a newborn later, I’m going crazy!

It has snowed almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. In addition to the endless flakes falling from the sky, it has been very cold and very grey. The perfect storm for not wanting to go out with a newborn baby.

Here are my top 10 ways of trying to remain sane during these dreary winter days.

10. I’ve had plenty of time to read every book there is  about child rearing. Some of the ones I’ve read [err..skimmed] are:

194-1 1334728 On-Becoming-Baby-Wise

My humble opinion about child rearing books? Stop reading them and do what you think is best. I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a book that is tailor made for August and will tell me exactly what to do in each situation. [i won’t hold my breath]. I will say, being at home has really helped me get August on a decent schedule. I feel like we are slowly falling into a somewhat predictable routine.

9. I’m hooked on watching this: 


We had friends visiting from Chicago and they while they were here they were raving about FNL. So…I watched the pilot and have been hooked since. I often find myself deeply distressed about the characters lives. When I can’t take it anymore, I turn on Netflix and relish in the TV goodness.

8. I’ve tried to remain crafty. I am still trying to figure out when to scour pinterest for craft ideas and when to find the time to hit up Hobby Lobby and the local thrift store to actually make them. Here are a few of the crafts I’ve made: 

IMG_1012 wreath

7. I’ve taken advantage of Chris’ willingness to give me some “me time”. I never knew trips to Kohls and Planet Fitness at 8:30 p.m. could be so refreshing! 

6. Figuring out how to effectively use this:


My school recently gave me an iPad to use for teaching. I have had plenty of time to explore it. Chris is getting sick of hearing all my ABC and 123 games that I’m trying out for when I return to work in March.

5. Reading sappy Christian romance novels such as this series: p6068d

Just looking at the cover of these books is enough to tell you how corny this series is. I’m not here to endorse it and say they’re a literary “must”, rather to inform you of how I’m beating cabin fever.

4. I know many moms who say they try to do one thing a day to get them out of the house. That has been my goal. Whether that is coffee with a friend or a trip to Target, I’m working on making a point to leave. 

3. Enjoying visitors! We’v been very grateful for each family member or friend who has taken the time to come visit us and meet August. Our door is always open for more visits! 🙂 

Uncle Matt!

Grandma Bohle!

Grandpa Wissman!

Mr. and Mrs. Bare!

2. Dreaming of spring/summer days in Holland with our little family of three. I’m longing for days like these: 

IMG_0105 IMG_0233 IMG_0239

1. Spending as much time as I can with the new love of our lives before having to return to work. I have found myself enjoying this time of staying in sweatpants, cuddling on the couch and watching him grow. He is our precious gift from Above and we are daily thankful for him [even if he is the culprit of my cabin fever]. 



Well, I better go brush my teeth and finish getting ready before this little man wakes up from his nap. Good luck fighting your cabin fever! 🙂


3 thoughts on “cabin fever.

  1. I just love reading and seeing your blog!! You look pretty creative to me! we hardly had any snow so far- today it is 55 and rain on the way> I get cabin fever also- helped packed food at the food pantry 5 times ( each church takes turns doing- so we don’t help till october- long way off- next week the fish fries at church start and I am looking forward to helping with that. Love Gram

    • So glad you enjoy the blog! 🙂 We like it so family can know what’s going on in our lives.

      Sounds like you’re trying to beat cabin fever too! 🙂 Enjoy those warm days down there. It’s supposed to warm up this weekend!

      Mis syou guys!

  2. Oh my word. I’ve read that Karen series. Totally cheesy but super addictive 🙂 And that’s awesome they gave you an ipad!! You’ll be rocking that BOB soon enough!!

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