three months.

Wow. It is hard to beleive that August is three months old already. When I look at him I no longer see my little newborn baby. He’s growing and changing, and so are we. Everyone I talk to says how fast it goes by, and I am starting to beleive that.


Here are the highlights of life with August this month:

  • “Working-mom”- This month was another month of transition for us. I headed back to work on March 4th. At first I was pretty nervous about how the transition would go. I thought that I wasn’t ready to start working again. To my surprise, it has been a pretty smooth transition for us. This doesn’t mean we don’t have stressful mornings of “passing him off” from one person to the next. We have a friend coming to the house to babysit two mornings a week while Chris stays home the other morning. It has worked out really well! I have found myself really loving the time away from home while I do something that I enjoy. I love that I get to be “Mrs. Bohle” and “mom”. What I love even more? Is that I am home by 1:00 everyday and I don’t have to work on Tuesday/Friday. The hardest part of the transition back to work you ask? Fitting into my dress pants…it’s still a daily battle. Where did THOSE hips come from? 🙂
  • Life has started: I’ve said to Chris many times this month, that I feel like life has finally started for us. During my maternity leave, most of our days were spent at home, in our sweatpants, watching the clouds release endless amounts of snowflakes. This has been the first month where I feel like we are getting into a rhythm of life outside of our apartment– work, friends, church commitments, grocery shopping, doctor appointments, traveling, etc.
  • Frist trip away from home:  Between Chris’ work schedule, the weather, and an unpredictable baby, we’ve been stuck in Holland for way too long. We decided to take our first trip away from home and go to Chicago for the weekend. We stayed with good friends from Trinity and were able to spend time with other Chicago friends, church friends, teachers I taught with and August’s Aunt Alisse and Uncle Matt! It was good to get away, and August did surprisingly well traveling.
    Ready for the ride:
  • LikesUs (August has become very intune to when we are around). He is way more interested in being with us than his previous time occupiers (windows, lamps, mirrors, etc). He also enjoys: watching his mobile, “playing” with toys, smiling, and tummy time.
  • Dislikes: Bath time. He still hates bath time. Mom still hates bath time. Dad is starting to see why mom and August both hate bath time. He also dislikes being scared by dad:
  • Firsts/Milestones: Laugh (talk about heart warming), rolling over on a more consistent basis, trip out of Holland, grabbing and reaching for toys, and the big one…a WHOLE nights sleep (first and only).
  • Two month appointment: At his two month appointment August was in the 50th percentile for weight and 97th percentile for height. Tall and skinny–sound familiar? Like father, like son.
  • Schedule: I am still racking my brain trying to figure out how to get this little guy on a good sleep schedule. Some days are awesome and some days the only place he’ll sleep is in my arms. We run the gamete from awesome naps, to waking up early from naps, to no napping at all. I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that sometimes he just isn’t tired. “They” all say it comes with time. I’m just starting to get tired of waiting! 🙂

We are daily thankful for this little treasure we have been given. Chris and I often comment how neither of us were big “baby people” prior to August’s arrival. Now we couldn’t imagine without this little munchkin. Here’s to hoping that August’s fourth month of life is spent enjoying some spring weather!




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