four months.

Where has time gone. August is four months old already. We are falling more and more in love with this little man everyday. Here are highlights of this past month of life.


This past month has been a fun one. We are finally starting to see August’s little personality come out. He’s fun to interact with, he smiles when we make goofy noises, he is starting to laugh and flails his limbs in pure excitement about the strange faces mom and dad are making.

Firsts: He slept through the night (from 7:30-7:00) without making a peep.  First laugh. First bath without screaming. First cold (sick babies are not fun babies).

IMG_1205 IMG_1200 IMG_1198

First Easter. August received his very first Easter basket from his Aunt Kathy! 

Likes: August LOVES interacting with us. Usually this means us making any and every odd or strange sound and watching his reaction. He has become a recent fan of his exsosaucer and bumbo seat. He still likes to wiggle and jiggle, which is starting to turn into flailing his arms and legs, arching his back and wiggling his way around his crib. We are savoring the days where he is not mobile. We have a feeling he’s going to be an active little boy.


Dislikes: Although we had our first tear-free bath time, that has been our one and only. I’d say he still hates bath time. He doesn’t like being sick, but who does. He’s developed a “whine”. I’d say it’s more of a parental dislike than his. What usually prompts the whine? When he wants our attention or doesn’t want to be doing something (i.e. going in his car seat or stroller, getting his diaper changed, etc).


Sleep?: As I mentioned earlier, he has slept through the night. He’s done it 3 times. In a row. It was pure bliss. I woke up the next morning and felt like I could conquer the world. But, every night since, we’ve been up 1-3 times a night. I can’t figure it out. There have been more “bad” nights than normal this month. In so many words…I am frustrated and tired.

During the day, he is starting to figure out a nap schedule, as are we. Again, I feel like it’s always changing and not super consistent yet.

I’ve stopped reading books and blogs and have finally started to do whatever works for August. It has been freeing.

Mom moments: We all have those shining moments as a mom, right? One Friday morning I had a lot to do at school for the next week. So I decided to pack August up and take him with me to get some work done. Within 5 minutes of being in my classroom, August had pooped ALL over himself, ALL over me and ALL over the classroom floor. I walked around for the next hour covered in baby poop because I never thought to carry a change of clothes for myself! Oh how life has changed.

Out and about: Now that the weather is FINALLY starting to get nice we have been about and about more.  Runs in the jogging stroller, walks downtown Holland, more frequent trips to the store. The compliment we get without fail when we go out? “Wow! He has such big, bright eyes!” I wonder who he gets that from! 🙂


We are really loving life with August. It is amazing the love you experience for your child. I often think about the love God had for his Son, Jesus. A love that no human can understand. Yet through that indescribable love, He allowed His treasured Son to die a brutal death. He allowed that so we can experience that indescribable love. August has shown us just a glimpse of deep God’s love runs. Wow.



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