5 months.

It has been a busy month here in the Bohle residence. May always seems to be busy anyways, but adding a baby on top if it makes life even busier. Between end of the year celebrations, wrapping up the school year, birthday celebrations and trips to see family, we’ve been on the go. Here are the highlights from August’s past month of life.


Likes: He LOVES his toys—rattles, balls, Sophie the giraffe, anything he can grab and put in his mouth. He has become a big fan of his exer-saucer. His activity mat is the home to his giggles and wiggles while pulling the toy that plays the same song over and over and over and over. August loves being with other people and enjoying new surroundings. He always seems to surprise us with how well he does in new settings. He is often found in the yoga pose “happy baby”, kind of like this:


Dislikes: Sleeping at night.  Long story short, we are getting desperate for some more sleep at night and are trying to supplement with formula while avoiding milk based formula (the doctor is convinced he has a dairy allergy).  The doctor gave us a several tins of hypo-allergenic formula. The first time we gave it to him ended with him swatting at his bottle and more tears than when we started. I can’t blame the little man, it smelled like dog food.

We also discovered he doesn’t like the bitter cold water of Lake Michigan.



Firsts/Milestones: He has teeth!! Two little ones on the bottom. I am thinking the two top ones are on their way in as well. Considering his bibs always look like this:


He’s starting to scoot himself around on his tummy. He also is starting to find his way around while laying on his back. Grabbing toys off his car seat, belly laughs, and squeals of delight. All that to say—he’s becoming quite the charmer. Another big one—we have tear free baths!

August experienced his first Tulip Time this month along with 13 family and friends while we celebrated Grandpa Wissman’s 65th Birthday!

IMG_4654 IMG_4639

He also took his first trip to Greenville to celebrate Great Grandpa Bohle’s 80th Birthday. He loved meeting so many family members!



Sleep/Schedule: He is on a good daytime schedule. Taking naps around the same time each day. He’ll usually take a morning and afternoon nap and sometimes a mid-day nap. Sleeping at night has become horrendous. Worse than our first days/weeks at home with them. Screaming for hours on end at night. Inconsolable crying. And frankly, I’m too tired to talk about it.  This has been our most frustrating month of sleep yet. I thought by now, we’d be getting full nights of rest.

Enjoyable Moments: Although this has been one of the most frustrating months for us, it has also been really fun and enjoyable. Our days are full of smiles, coos, laughs, cuddles, and seeing his personality grow. Everywhere we go we always hear the same compliments: “He’s SO bright eyed.” “He has SUCH big eyes!” “His nickname should bed ‘smiley’!”  “He is so cute!” We are pretty proud parents!

IMG_1329 IMG_4668

Big Changes for Mom: This month I accepted a new job! Next school year I will be teaching part-time first grade. I will still be teaching at Holland Christian but will be moving to a different school. The first grade job will be shared with the principal and myself. I will teach every morning and she will teach in the afternoons. I am VERY excited about this opportunity and am really looking forward to being back in the 1st grade classroom and seeing how God will use me in this new capacity. God has proven to be faithful and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.


Whew—if you made it to the end of this post, you deserve a treat. We’ve had a lot going on this month. Good and bad. Would you join us in praying for us as we continue try to figure out life with August.


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