six months.

The baby swing is in storage, his activity mat has toys ripped off, he no longer lays on the changing table without almost falling off–we officially have a 6 month old baby. It is amazing to look at the past six months and see how much August has changed. During my final days of pregnancy I wondered who would he look like, will he have my or Chris’ personality, how well will he sleep, will he be healthy? Six months later, we now have a little boy who looks just like Chris, has my stubborn personality, Chris’ inability to sit still and is the most extroverted baby I’ve ever met. During these six months we have experienced more love for this little guy than we ever thought possible.

IMG_4809 IMG_4795

Likes/Dislikes: August loves eating solid food. His favorites are: green beans, squash, carrots, and pears. I found inspiration to make my own baby food. Since August was eating his Gerber goodness so well, I thought he would eat my homemade goodness with as much excitement and vigor. Well–needless to say, he didn’t enjoy my carrots, green beans or squash. I think Gerber puts sugar in their food? I’ve kept trying my homemade food, and he is beginning to be ok with it.

IMG_4760Gerber Goodness shown above

IMG_4771 IMG_4772Mom’s homemade goodness.

August loves playing with anything that “crinkles”: chip bags, papers, grocery bags, wipes bags. He loves grabbing and chewing on any and every toy.

His biggest “like”? Us. Every time we walk out of the room, the whimpers and cries start. If I’m honest, it’s more annoying than anything else. He’s not afraid of strangers, loves smiling and cooing at anyone who gives him the time do so.

Firsts/Milestones: Rolling from his back to his tummy. Scooting around on his blanket (he has figured out how to scoot backwards. With his toys in front of him, it is hilarious to watch his frustration as he scoots back as he tries to get his toys in front). Loud high pitched squeals. He is “talking” more and more.


Loving Summer: After a rough start, we are really enjoy summer break here! We took our first family vacation to Traverse City. August enjoyed Mission Point,  wine tasting and exploring Traverse City. After that we went to a friend’s cottage on a lake and enjoyed some R&R.

IMG_0860Hanging out on our balcony.

IMG_0868At Mission Point

IMG_0873Our first family vacation!

IMG_0882Wine tasting. August isn’t in the picture because he was covered with poop. Classy.

IMG_0887Hanging out at the pool.

IMG_4736This was his wine tasting outfit.

IMG_0930Future SAU Peer Advisor!

While up north we visit Cedar Bend. This is where Chris and I met while serving at Peer Advisors in college. Brought back so many good memories.

IMG_0906August got to hang out with his cousin Kelly and Aunt Carol while in Traverse. Next vacation, Kelly is going to  be our nanny so we can actually take a vacation! 🙂

When we’re not on vacation our days consist of “sleeping in”, watching the Today Show while sipping on morning cups of coffee. Going to the beach, hanging out at the pool, taking walks downtown, and enjoying this time together!


E-Trade Baby: The newest comment we get about August is how similar he looks to the E-Trade baby. Thoughts?


What I’ve learned: I’ve learned a lot these past 6 months: Enjoy each day because when tomorrow comes your little newborn is 6 months old. Life truly is a precious gift. My expectations can’t be set too high. Babies are humans too–somedays they are more hungry than others. Somedays they don’t need as much sleep. There are times when it’s okay to throw the schedule out the window to enjoy a day together. The biggest thing I’ve learned?

It really does go by fast. Enjoy each moment and new phase. 

August– We love you more than you know. God has blessed us with one amazing little boy. As we watch you grow we are so thankful for the little life we’ve been given to nurture and raise. We can’t wait to see you as a little boy. When our love falls short, know that the love of the Lord never fades and only runs deeper. May you grow into a man of God who is a friend to the friendless, loves Jesus with his thoughts, words and actions and works to make the world a better place. Never forget that the Lord is with you and finds pleasure in your love towards Him.

We love you August Thacker!



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