seven months.

Today our sweet little boy is seven months old.  How did that happen?

IMG_4842 IMG_4843


Every parent says “enjoy your baby, they change fast and it goes by so quickly”. This past month has been testament to how QUICK they change. Wow.


Milestones/Firsts:  The big one this month is…crawling! Wowzers. It’s more of an army crawl, but it doesn’t stop him from roaming every nook and cranny in the house. He has founds cords I never knew existed. He likes to crawl under chairs, tables, furniture, his jumperoo and excersaucer. He’s into everything he’s not supposed to be into. All that to say, he’s a movin’ and a grovin’ all over the place and our house isn’t quite baby proof yet. We thought we would have a couple more months before we had to think about outlet plugs and cabinet hooks.

IMG_1616 IMG_1620 IMG_1590

He has two more teeth on the top. He seems to be shy about these so it’s hard to snap a picture or take a look.

His palate has expanded to: sweet potatoes, peaches, apples, peas, and pumpkin!

August celebrated his first Fourth of July this month!


We took August on his first camping trip this month as well. We camped at Holland State Park with  friends from Trinity. It was a great weekend to catch up with them and August did surprising well sleeping in a tent!


We are still working on the sitting thing. He doesn’t like to stay still for long, so I am not sure how much of a sitter he will be.

Likes/Dislikes: August LOVES the iPhone, iPad, and laptop (oh no! He has expensive taste already). When he’s crawling around his favorite “toys” are shoes, books, cords, anything he’s not supposed to have (of course). He also likes being with people, smiling, laughing, splashing in the bathtub and never leaving mom or dads sight!

IMG_1047 IMG_1029 IMG_1103

Throughout this month I have seen his stubborn little personality start to show. He DOES NOT like being put into his highchair, jumperoo, excersauser, car seat, stroller, etc. Anything that keeps him confined, he’s not a fan of. He doesn’t like being left alone in a room or sitting still. We have a busy boy on our hands!

Lovin’ Life:  July has been pretty great. We are enjoying our relaxing mornings of sleeping in, runs/walks in the jogger, trips to downtown Holland, bonfires, bike rides, froyo, and simply just being outside–all before school beings!

August made his maiden voyage to the Wissman Homestead Farm for the big 161st family reunion. Everyone loved passing him around and meeting the youngest “August” (in 161 years he is the third August in the family).


IMG_0999 IMG_1543 IMG_1545 IMG_1550

All in all, I am getting pretty used to this “summer” gig. It has been a huge blessing to be at home with my little guy before starting another new adventure this fall.



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