eight months.

I can hardly believe I am wiring another monthly update again. These months seem to go by so fast. The month started off with the long (good long), slow days of summer. Going to the pool, spending the mornings relaxing. Now we are waking up before the sun and rushing out the door for me (Amanda) to get to work on time. Whew. Summer is over and the school year is in full force.

IMG_0411 IMG_0410 IMG_0414 IMG_0418 IMG_0413

Monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to take. after a 30 minute battle, these are what we ended up with.

Milestones/Firsts: Sitting. Move from crawling to sitting. Picking up puffs and feeding himself. And the biggie–pulling himself up! It started off just on the crib. Now it’s everyone–the couch, coffee table, toys, dressers, chairs! He also now has 7 teeth (wowzers).

IMG_1741 IMG_1268

A couple of months ago I vowed to myself to stop writing about his sleep patterns. It brought on too many suggestions and made me feel like I was doing something wrong (because after 5 months I was STILL writing about getting up at night). Just for my own documentation. This was the first month where we’ve have about 6 weeks of SOLD 12 hours of sleeping. Thank goodness.

August also went to daycare for the first time! We found an awesome in-home daycare provider.

Changes: We all are getting used to our new schedule this fall. With me working more (everyday in the mornings) and taking another graduate class and the busy nature of Chris’ job, our schedules are full! We had some crazy weeks where I felt like August was being passed from one person to the next. I am thankful for friends who took him so I could go to meetings, work in my classroom, etc. Also, a HUGE thanks to Grandma (Chris’ mom) for spending a week at our house so Chris and I could kick off our school years!

IMG_1292 IMG_1288

Likes/Dislikes: August likes: his little rubber ducky, his blue plastic “key” toy that plays music over and over and over again. A little white rattle.  His new “standing toys”. The jumperoo. Laughing with mom and dad. And his new favorite…spending lots of time with Hope College students!

IMG_1221 IMG_1202 IMG_1710

August doesn’t like: being left alone in a room or waking up from naps. He truly doesn’t have too many dislikes right now.

Adventures: August got to experience Simpson Park Camp for the first time. This is where I grew up going to family camp as a child. This is also where Chris and I got married. A very special place. I can’t wait for August to spend his childhood years here.

IMG_1156 IMG_1163 IMG_1678

August also got to experience his first Hope College Freshman Orientation. I woke up the night before the big day with a bad case of the stomach flu. So August tagged along with Chris while I laid on the couch trying to recover from an upset tummy and 102 fever. IMG_1309

Even though summer came to a bittersweet end, I am looking forward to the school year with hope and expectation. Everyday I am so grateful for this little bundle of joy that we have been blessed with. We love you August Thacker!!  Happy 8 Months!



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