10 months.


We are in the double digits of months now. It is crazy how fast these months go by. August continues to grow, develop his personality, and makes us fall further in love with him each day. There is no greater joy as a parent than watching your child learn and grow into the little person God created him to be.


Firsts/Milestones: August has learned how to “walk” while holding onto his walking toy.

He has stood by himself for about 15 seconds!

He is starting to enjoy solid foods more (as long as it’s not peas or green beans! 😉 )

Tantrums– I thought we had another year or so before we faced the “I want that toy, but you took it away from me” screaming. August will flap his arms and scream whenever we stop him from doing something he wants (we are usually trying to save his life or prevent bodily harm). Most tantrums happen when we take his toothbrush away. So strange.

Proof (I just had taken his toothbrush away):


Likes/Dislikes: He has discovered “cause and effect” items lately. He loves turning his sound machine on and off. Playing with light switches. Opening and closing his diaper pail, garbage can, cabinet doors. These are some of his favorite toys!

He loves tickle fights with dad, emptying off our bookshelves, crawling and crawling and crawling and just being a happy little boy!

IMG_0182 IMG_0022 IMG_0176

His main dislike right now are is not getting what he wants! 🙂 He also dislikes diaper changes and putting his PJ’s on, takes too much time–he rather crawl.

Adventures: We didn’t have too many adventures this month. Chris and I took a day off from August duties and went to a MSU game with my dad, brother and sister-in-law. It was a nice change of pace, although it was 45 degrees and raining! 🙂

IMG_0191 IMG_0196

We’ve had many more trips to the apple orchard.


August even dressed up as a lion to go trick-or-treating downtown Holland (just a few days before Halloween).

IMG_0232 IMG_0218 IMG_0215

I think that’s about it! Life with August is never boring. Daily we are thankful for the little man God gave us to nurture and grow!


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