merry christmas.

It’s hard to believe that we’re only a few short days away from Christmas. This Christmas season has been much busier than last. A year ago, I was 9 months pregnant and decided to limit almost all “Christmas activity”. My advent season was spent in reflection on the birth of our Savior and what that truly means. This Christmas has been far from that–and I wouldn’t say I am proud of that.

My prayer is that each of you will slow down. just. a. bit. to reflect on the birth of our Savior. The one who came to show a love so deep and to set an example of justice–all to save us from our sins.

Each Christmas I always write a Christmas letter. This was a tradition started many years ago by my Grandmother and is now a tradition that I haven’t given up. We’ll see how many more years I’ll do this. But for now…please accept these Christmas greetings from our home to yours.

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Merry Christmas!

It’s officially the Christmas season: the tree is up, the snow is falling, and the nativity scenes are out. This year we have an advent calendar hanging in our living room. It daily reminds me of the anticipation of the birth of Christ. What a great visual during this busy Christmas season.

Every year I try to think of a unique way to write our Christmas letter. While I know many of you follow our lives via Facebook, Instagram and/or our blog (, I couldn’t bear the thought of giving up a 75+ year family tradition of writing an annual recap. Without further ado, here is our year in review…Facebook status style!

December 28, 2012: “Yesterday (12/27) Chris and I welcomed August Thacker Bohle into this world at 4:04 pm. Weighing 8lbs 9 oz. and 21 inches long. We both are doing well!”-­‐ Posted by Amanda
August just missed the annual Christmas letter last year. This has by far been the highlight of our year (aside from the first solid night of sleep).

January 12: “When Grandma comes to town, mom and dad go out.”-­‐ Posted by Amanda
The month of January was full of visitors making the trek through the lake effect snow to meet August. In addition to a revolving door of visitors we somehow managed to survive our first West MI winter with a newborn baby!

February 14: “There’s a whole lot of love around this home this year! Happy Valentines Day from sweet August!”-­‐ Posted by Amanda
Our house has grown in love this year. Our love for August and each other grows deeper each day. Ultimately, our love and devotion for August has given us a glimpse of how deep God’s love is for us.

March 3: “Hoping my dress pants fit because I’m headed back to work tomorrow. My maternity leave flew by!” Posted by Amanda
After two short months at home I headed back to work and figured out how the wear both the “mom” and “teacher” hat.

April 21: “Worn out from a day outside. Hallelujah spring!” Posted by Chris
Enough said. We were ready for spring to arrive

May 25: “My retired grandparents’ old business. It still stands! My grandpa owned this for 30+ years and turns 80 tomorrow. He is a real-­‐life Frigidaire-­‐man.” Posted by Chris
Chris’ Grandpa turned 80 at the end of May. We made the journey to Southern Illinois and joined in the celebration. It was a special time of celebration with family. In May we also celebrated Amanda’s dad’s 65th birthday during our first ever Tulip Time!

June 14: “Summertime fun!” Posted by Amanda
Our summertime fun included: our first family vacation to Traverse City, a visit to Cedar Bend Farm (where we met in college), a long weekend at the lake with college friends, camping at Holland State Park, bike rides, and enjoying Lake Michigan.

July 4: “Off to the Wissman Homestead to celebrate 161 years of farming and family! Happy 4th of July from the youngest Wissman!” Posted by Amanda
We headed back to the farm to reunite with many family members to celebrate 161 years of family, farming and God’s faithfulness. It was a very special weekend.

August 24: “This is my 23rd first day of school and I still have the same jitters and ask the same question, “What should I wear?” Posted by Amanda
This school year I moved from teaching preschool to 1st grade at Holland Christian. I was offered a part-­‐time position where I job share with another teacher. Out of the 23 students in my room, 18 of them are boys. Needless to say, it’s been a busy fall…

September 2: “Can’t wait to work with this awesome group of people this year!” Posted by Chris
Chris is in his second year working as the Associate Director of Student Life at Hope College. We are daily thankful for two careers that allow us to serve others and play a role in the lives of students.

October 13: “Engedi’s new church building is an energetic baby’s dream.” Posted by Amanda
Engedi is the name of our church where we have found a great community (which also moved to a larger space where August loves crawling around).

November 19: “Where did the baby go?” Posted by Amanda
Too quickly, our baby has left us and is becoming a toddler. August is into everything, crawls faster than we can run and has the most precious belly laugh (we are biased). He truly has taught us a whole new kind of love and joy this year!

December 6: “Merry Christmas from our home to yours.” Posted by Chris and Amanda
As the days draw closer to Christmas, may you experience the love of Christ, the anticipation of His birth and the joy that is found in Him. Wishing you many joys, laughs and lots of warmth this Christmas season.

Chris, Amanda and August Bohle


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