jan. feb. march. and August.

Well hello there, world. It’s nice to see you. Now that we’ve finally come out of hibernation mode and I’m reenergized by the spring sun and warm weather, I thought I’d get back into this blogging thing.

This winter has been a rough one. Holland got over 150 inches of snow from the months of November-March. We saw temperatures and wind chills that I would be okay if I never saw again. Holland Christian and 10 snow days and Hope had 2. Both recording setting amounts. All that to say, I am thankful that the snow is melted, the tulips are starting to come up and the birds are back.

It’s amazing to look through the past 3 months and see how much August has changed. We have a toddler on our hands now and oh my, are we ever busy! I have said this from my first post about him. The kid is ACTIVE! He walks or runs everywhere. He’s into everything. And he hasn’t quite figured out what the world “relax” means. We’re working on table manners (although he’s figured out how to pour his milk out and dip his food into it). He’s had two hair cuts and has a vocabulary of about 6 words. His favorite form of nonverbal communication is shaking his head “no”. His interest is always in the devices (vacuum, salad spinner, fingernail clippers, fans, lights, etc) rather than the toys. Blankies, pacis, balls and shovels are his favorite things right now. He’s curious and it sometimes scares me (i.e. when he runs down the driveway to chase the man with the leaf blower)!

The thing that remains the same about August? His love for people. EVERYWHERE we go, he makes a friend. He’s caught the attention of passengers in cars stopped next to us at red lights. He brings smiles to people’s faces. He waves and waves and waves until the person responds. And the interesting thing? He forces me to stop and talk to complete strangers. I often wonder how God is using his vibrant personality to bring His Kingdom here on Earth. It’s easy and quick for me to shush August and walk quickly past the homeless man on the street. I then stop and think, why am I squandering August’s personality and stopping an opportunity to spread a little love?

There’s something about the love that a child brings. Elderly long for the laugh of a child or the coo of an infant. The lonely are wondering, “does anyone see me?”. I have to trust that God is using August right now, right here, at 15 months old to shine His light. If that’s through August’s silly smile or me stopping and acknowledging the person, either way, I am daily reminded that this task of “parenting” is  a lot bigger than myself. Thankfully the stranger is charmed by him and doesn’t see his terrible table manners.

Here are some pictures from the past several months. My prayer for myself and the rest of us, is to allow our God given gifts to be used for His Kingdom work. Let’s stop squandering what we’ve been given and spread a little love.

This was too cute not to post. What baby isn’t precious while wearing just socks?

This is was our entryway after several huge snowstorms. It was a tad ridiculous.

IMG_1113  IMG_3069 IMG_3105
Out on the frozen Lake Michigan.
IMG_1354 IMG_1360
Pardon the “gross” factor of these last two pictures. August had something called Gianotti Crosti. He had this terrible rash all over his face, legs, and arms. Supposedly its a medical mystery and is hardly ever seen. We had 5 different doctors come and “see” his rash. Each oohing and ahhing over it.

IMG_3051 IMG_2788
What’s not to love about this sweet boy?


2 thoughts on “jan. feb. march. and August.

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I have to ask, what did the doctors recommend for the rash? Our Emma, 6 months, has had a rash forever. Well, forever for her ! Trish has taken her to the doctor several times and is now thinking about an allergist.

    It blessed my heart to hear how God is using your family and your love for Him.

    • Thanks fort he comment, Doreen! 🙂 GOod to hear from you.

      The doctors gave us the prescription of “time”. THis particular rash goes away on it’s own. Hmmm. Rashes are a mystery sometimes!

      Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

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