summer of 2014

Summer is coming to an end. Whether I like it or not. Stores have their back to school sales, I’ve spend 20some hours in my classroom preparing for my new batch of 1st grades, and the temperatures are reflecting fall rather than summer.

The end of summer is always bittersweet. Bitter in the sense that our days of waking up to the sun rather than an alarm clock are soon to change. Bitter in the sense that trips to the playground, library, parks, splash pads and family vacations are behind us. Bitter in the sense that my schedule will soon switch form “August centered” to “school centered”.

The end of summer is sweet. Sweet in the sense of excitement that each fall brings. Sweet in the sense that my classroom is prepare for 25 precious 1st graders who are being entrusted into my care for 180 days. Sweet in the sense that there are minds to mold and hearts to lead toward Jesus.

Right now, the end of summer is feeling a little more bitter than normal. I think it’s because I have loved every second of being home with August (aside from tantrums and meltdowns). I know that once I set foot into my classroom full of 25 (just as nervous as me) 1st grades, the end of summer will be sweet.

For now, I am enjoying naptime snuggles, trips to the local pool and sleeping in. Next week, my heart will change focus to love on and care for so many more.

Here is a recap of our summer in pictures.


IMG_2306 IMG_2328 IMG_2362 IMG_2419 IMG_2431 IMG_2465 IMG_2379

IMG_4461 IMG_4454 IMG_4389 IMG_4327 IMG_4301 IMG_4279 IMG_4256 IMG_4220 IMG_4193 IMG_4152 IMG_4051 IMG_3993 IMG_2182


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