blog saturated mom.

Being a mom is hard work. It’s hard work for the stay at home mom, the working mom, the part time working mom. It’s hard for all of us. It’s been hard work since the existence of motherhood. It will always be hard and that will never change.

But I think we’ve made motherhood even harder with all of these blogs, Pinterest boards, Facebook updates, Instagrams hashtags. We are raising our kids in a world where hundreds if not thousands of parents are making a living off of their children and blogging their experience as a mom. These bloggers are posting all their activities, posting beautiful pictures of their children, showing tantrums and almost idolizing the role of a mom. These mom bloggers are writing the day in and day out events of their children. There are endless pictures, how to, advice posts, activities, how perfect motherhood is, milestone guidelines, pressure…pressure…pressure.

I fear that we are placing way too much pressure on ourselves in a world that is already pressuring us to be something we are not. I could spend all evening reading blogs, scouring Pinterest and following hashtags on how to be a better mom. But is that how we should be spending our time? Should all these “mom bloggers” be exposing the every in and out of their child to the world? How is that child going to feel once they are grown and every piece of their childhood (the good and bad) is documented for the world to see?

I can see the good that comes from social media and the community that people feel through it. I just fear that these mom bloggers are placing way too high of standards on motherhood.

As old school as this sounds, I long for pre social media days. The days were kids were allowed to be kids where they can learn what it means to loose and how to be a polite member of society. Moms are allowed to be moms without the pressure of posting the “Pinterest perfect picture” to Instrgram. Families were allowed to be families where they simply enjoy being together. Today, we are raising our children in a world where there is an insane amount of pressure to be “perfect”. And I think, that’s because we ourselves are trying so hard to be that “perfect” person and make sure we display that on Facebook, blogs, Instagram for all to see. Why not just live life and not worry about posting it for all to see?


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