giving thanks.

This time of year, you hear over and over “what are you thankful for?” It’s something I ask my students, reflect on for myself and have been asking August.

When I stop and think, truly…what is it in life that brings me joy and blesses me, it’s not the organic food in my cupboard. Or my cozy, snuggly blanket, or the housing that I live in. Sure all of those things make my life very comfortable and I am very grateful for the privileges I’ve been blessed with.

But what truly blesses me is the people in my life. The people who invest in me. Friends who text or call when they know the past weeks have been rough ones. Family members who drive or fly hours to visit us and invest in August’s life. Friends who sacrifice their time and to watch August and help us out when needed. We are blessed.

The coworkers who greet me with a hug and smile everyone morning. A teaching team where we sit hours upon hours sharing ideas, planning lessons, and supporting one another. The students in my class who daily set an example of Christ-like love and service for one another. The student who shows ME what childlike faith looks like. The loved filled prayers for the elderly at the nursing home. I am blessed.

I am thankful for the two special men in my life who bring me an unexplainable joy–August and Chris. For August who has a spunk and joy for life like I’ve never seen before. His personality that forces me to stop and talk with strangers. When I see his empathy grow toward those who are hurting, my heart explodes. For Chris who is my partner and best friend. Without him, this whole “working mom” thing wouldn’t be possible. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And without him, August wouldn’t know the deep, great love of a father. I am richly blessed.

Thinking about blessings of other people. My prayer this Thanksgiving season is that I am just as a blessing to others. I know I so often fall short in this area. My desire is that I am the friend, family member, teacher, coworker, wife, mother who is a safe place, offers an encouraging word and a listening ear that leads people closer to Jesus.

During this season of thanks, can we stop and thinking about WHO is a blessing to you and HOW are you a blessing to others? Because I think Jesus intended for life’s greatest blessings to be people rather than our stuff.


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