august is 2!

It seems like just yesterday Chris and I were walking into the hospital to deliver a little boy. A couple hours later, we met August for the first time. He cried a few times and feel right to sleep. He would scream and cry until visitors came and immediately he would settle down. At one day old, we were already trying to get him on a schedule (ha). And most of all, we fell so deeply in love with this little boy.

IMG_4244 IMG_4203

Now I sit here and watch what used to be my baby run throughout the house while yelling “Auggie’s BIRTHDAY”, play with his new kitchen, and talk to complete strangers. He changed so much in the first year, but no one told me how much he would change in year two. He went from crawling to walking to running to jumping. He went from no words to one word to two words to trying to form sentences (yelling, DADA, WHERE ARE YOU?). He went from baby to toddler in what seems like a blink of an eye.

131126-173650 IMG_0938

More than ever, we are seeing his personality and humor come out. He is silly, goofy and loves to laugh. He is learning how to be empathetic by kissing boo boos, sharing toys, giving hugs and showing concern. He is curious and is always exploring his surroundings. He is stubborn and will work to get whatever he wants. He knows how to throw a good tantrum yet knows how to swoon you into giving into his request. He still eats three main food groups: cheese, bread and fruit. He loves playing with musical instruments, airplanes, balls and bubbles. He loves Elmo and Daniel Tiger.

photo-3 photo-4

Most importantly, I hope and pray that our sweet little August comes to know how deeply he is loved by our Heavenly Father. I pray that August grows to know Jesus in a deep and real way. To trust Him with the big and small things in his life. And ultimately to love HIS people because He first loved us.

August Thacker–you have changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. Your energy, spunk and love for people brings me so much joy everyday. I consider it one of life’s greatest honors to be your mom. Daily, I thank God for giving me you to raise to know HIM and love OTHERS.

We love you more than you will ever know, August! Happy 2nd Birthday to my favorite little boy.


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