my little patch pal

About two weeks ago we went to a follow-up visit with August’s eye doctor. During that visit she told us that he would need to start wearing an eye patch and potentially need surgery within the next few months.

When I heard eye patch, the first thing I thought was, “he’s going to look like a pirate, people will look at him funny and he’ll get made fun of.” That wasM my vanity coming out. My pride. My concern about what others think. Not what is best for my son and for his long-term good. I’m ashamed to even admit that I was concerned about his appearance.

Yesterday, his long awaited eye patch came in the mail. He’s been waiting for it to come. As soon as it arrived, he insisted on putting it on his glasses and wearing it. He wore it all around the house shouting “LOOK AT MY EYE PATCH.” He insisted on wearing it Downtown Holland. I tried to get him to take it off to avoid “looking weird”. He said a firm, “no, mamma, I wear my patch.”

Once he got Downtown, he ran through the streets shouting, “LOOK AT MY EYE PATCH. DO YOU SEE THOMAS?”(Thomas the Train is on it). People smiled, some others gave him funny looks. And it dawned on me. This innocent little boy truly does not care what anyone thinks of him. He’s waving to strangers, saying hi to other kids and running through the streets without any care or concern.

It breaks my heart to know that this child-like innocence will soon be gone. That someday another kid is going to make fun of him and that he’s going to start worrying about his self image. Deep in my prayers, I pray that God protects his carefree spirit and that he continues to run through the streets shouting, “LOOK AT MY PATCH!” Just maybe instead of shouting about his eye patch he starts “shouting” about God’s unending love, His heart for justice and His concern for the lost.

This also made me think about how much of a more free and loving world we would live in if people stopped caring. Caring about their image. Caring about what others think of them. Caring about saying something wrong or doing something “uncool”. Could you imagine how the Kingdom of God would be advanced if we let down our inhibitions and truly lived as the individuals that God created us to be?

Come Lord Jesus–give me the words and actions to protect this little boy’s spirit and use it for Your Glory.

My little patch pal!


One thought on “my little patch pal

  1. I wore an eye patch for about 2 years between 2 & 4 years old and our granddaughter wore one for about 18 months starting at 2 years old. The patch helped us both tremendously! Hannah hasn’t needed surgery yet, (she’s 9 now) and I had surgery when I was a month short of 4 years old. Follow what your doctors say! August’s patch is adorable. We had nothing quite so fancy!!! 🙂

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