harrison–one month

What whirlwind this past month has been. From going into labor early to becoming a family of four to many sleepless nights–we wouldn’t change this past month for the world. Becoming a family of four has been such a blessing.



During August’s first year of life, I blogged each month about his development and milestones. These are precious memories that I often go back to and reread. My hope is to do the same with Harrison.

Firsts/Milestones: Harrison has had MANY “first” outings this month. It’s amazing how much more quickly you resume “normal” activities with baby #2 (August keeps us going). Some firsts include: church, dad’s office, trick-or-treating, and numerous other trips to the store/playground/library/etc.

Personality: While pregnant, I kept thinking that Harrison would be just like August. When I thought about this new baby, I thought of August. Well–Harrison is NOT August, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Harrison seems way more “chill” than August did as a baby. My prediction is that he will be a more relaxed, calm, little boy. Maybe a little more introverted? As of now, he spends a lot of his days sleeping. When he’s awake, he’s alert and pretty a pretty content little guy.

Likes/Dislikes: Harrison LOVES to be held. His biggest “like” right now is being as close to mom as possible! A major dislike? Sleeping well at night. Sleep comes at a premium for us. He wakes up every 2-3 hours and struggles to fall back to sleep. When he’s up, he’s up for about an hour or more. Needless to say–we’re ready for some prolonged periods of sleep, especially before I go back to work.


Brotherly Love: Lots of people have asked how August is adjusting. To say August LOVES Harrison is an understatement. August kisses, snuggles, kisses, talks, coos, plays, kisses, and kisses Harrison. He is just smitten with his little brother. I’ll often catch August saying things like, “it’s okay Harrison…I am your big brother” or “hey little brother, it’s your big brother.” I cannot wait to see their love for one another grow. August is very eager for Harrison to get bigger so he can play with his toys.

IMG_0113 IMG_0050

Baby #2: I have found myself way more relaxed with Harrison. We’re working on establishing a eat/wake/sleep schedule, but I am not nearly as stressed about it, I know it’ll happen. If he doesn’t sleep in his crib for a nap–oh well. If he comes into bed with us at 4:30am–we’ll try again tomorrow night. I know all of this is for a short season and we’ll get it figured out!

All in all, we are adjusting well to our new normal. We have been so greatly blessed with many visitors, lots of help from family, abundant meals being delivered at dinnertime and lots and lots of love. We are so thankful!


Harrison Siders–you are deeply loved. Loved by your mom and dad. Loved by your brother. Loved by your Creator. We pray that you and August grow into life long buddies. We pray that you will forever know that you were created for a great purpose and that the love of your Jesus will never run dry.

We love you so much little buddy–now please just start sleeping more at night.



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