harrison– 2 months

This month has flown by. What a joy it has been to spend it at home with my two sweet boys. We’ve fallen into a decent rhythm and have enjoyed some pretty awesome fall weather. One thing I cherish from August’s first year is reading through his monthly updates as he changed so quickly. The newborn phase is one that I really struggle with. I don’t do well with little sleep and lack of predictability. With that– I am working hard at enjoying this time with Harrison. I hope to look back on these days and remember how truly precious they are.

Harrison’s first month was spent with lots of sleep during the day with a pretty relaxed temperament. This second month, he has “woken up” and is starting to remind me more and more of August.

Firsts- Harrison celebrated his first Halloween and Thanksgiving this month. For Halloween he was nestled in his warm cozy bed while August went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Next year he’ll join in on the candy fun! 🙂 Thanksgiving was spent at Aunt Kathy’s with my family. He again–slept most of the day.

The most fun “first” this month is his ever-so-precious smile. He’s so smiley when we are talking to him and making whatever goofy noise we can to get that toothless grin. His happiest time of day seems to be first thing in the morning! It’s a good way to start the day.

He’s grown out of his newborn clothes into 3 month clothes. With his growth comes strength–he’s holding his head up and putting wight on his legs! Slow down, little brother!

Personality- I still have a feeling that Harrison will be more relaxed than August. Although this month he has become VERY alert and more aware of his surroundings. I’m starting to see more similarities between him and August–their BIG, alert eyes, smiley demeanor, and desire to be around people.

Likes- He’s very fascinated by bright lights and will spend most of his waking hours staring at whatever light he is closest to. He enjoys looking at picture frames and his nautical quilt hanging in his bedroom. His newest light obsession? The Christmas tree! 🙂 He continues to really enjoy being held and not left alone! 🙂 I wonder if he’ll enjoy people just as much as August does?

Dislikes- Sleeping–sleep has continued to be a struggle. Previously, he slept very well and predictable during the day. Within the past week or two, nap times have become a challenge. At one point, he was only sleeping in his crib, but yet has reverted back to the rock ‘n play or swing. He fights nap time and bedtime and wakes up several times a night. We’ve had some really bad nights (i.e. won’t go back to sleep and ending up on the couch with mom) and some good nights (only waking up twice around 1 and 4 and falling back to sleep after eating). I am hoping and praying that within the next month, we start getting longer stretches at night.

Other dislikes–bath time and tummy time. Overall–he’s a pretty happy dude.

Brotherly Love–August continues to be head over heels for Harrison. He’s always in his face, giving kisses, licking his toes, hands, head, belly, legs…you get the picture. It’s so sweet hearing August change his already squeaking voice, to a high pitched “baby voice” when he talks to Harrison. As much as August loves his little brother, I think he’s starting to not always love the attention it takes away from him. We’ve seem him acting up more lately. Or that could just be normal almost-3 year-old behavior!

Harrison–we are so blessed by you. Your brother adores you. Your mom and dad love you deeply. We can’t wait to see what you will become. To see how your smiles bless others and how you will further God’s kingdom. Our hearts are full while our eyes remain sleepy! We love you little brother!


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