august is 3

How is that possible? My little boy is 3. I will forever be able to vividly replay the day he was born. The anxiety I felt while walking into the hospital. The calmness of the day. The moment he came out with his first cry. All within a few hours, our lives completely changed. In a way that I never thought possible. A joy beyond words. And a love that pierces my heart.


This past year with August has been one with so many memories. This little guy has burst out of his shell and has a developed personality that words cannot capture. He loves people, has a memory that is as sharp as a tack, he never wants to be alone and has developed an uncanny love for music.

One major event this year has been related to his eyes. In March of 2015 August woke up with a lazy eye. The same day he also started throwing up. After a trip to the pediatricians office we found ourselves driving to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for a CT scan to rule out a brain tumor. As you can imagine this sent us into a frenzy of fear and worry. One of our darkest days as parents. Thankfully, all tests came back clear. Many doctors appointments later August is rocking glasses and an eye patch. This month we also found out that he will likely NOT have to have surgery to correct his eye muscles.

IMG_6106(August and Chris in the ER waiting for CT results)

This scare framed the remainder of the year for us. Why were we sent home with a clean bill of health while other parents are sent to a hospital room with an unknown future. Life is fragile and we so often take good health for granted.

Some other major highlights of this year were: vacation with Chris’ sister and her family, visits from my brother and sister-in-law, trips to the beach, apple picking, pumpkin carving, announcing August’s promotion to big brother and welcoming Harrison into our family.

IMG_3992(Our big announcement this year)

IMG_4521(Celebrating the Fourth of July with cousins)

August loves his trumpet, firetrucks, crayons, paint, violin, and saxoflute. When he grows up he wants to be a dinosaur hunter, drum major or band director. He feels every emotion very strongly. When he is excited he is running and squealing for joy. When he is mad, he’s MAD. His days are full of outings to the park, reading books (Little Critter, “Dancing” Bears, Piggy/Gerald), chatting our ears off and asking us to tell him stories about his cousins and dogs. He’s also very proud about being a big brother who is diaper free!

This year he has learned and grown so much. I’ve seen my newborn turn into a baby then into a toddler and now to a kid. Now I see my baby as a little boy running through our cul-de-sac splashing in puddles, reciting books he’s memorized and discovering this world through his innocent curiosity. He’s always asking “why” and “tell me more about…”

This year we’ve also felt the weight of parenthood. Handling behavior we don’t want him to mimic. Teaching him the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. Finding consequences that work. Not giving into his every demand. Telling him “no” out of love. All while pointing him to the commands of the Bible: Love God. Love others.

August Thacker–I pray from the depths of my heart that you never lose your curiosity and desire to learn. Please, never stop loving people and seeing everyone as equal. I pray that you continue to be who you are and not care what others think. I pray that you are secure in who God created you to be. I pray that you use your God-given strengths to be a difference maker, a peace maker, and community changer. I pray you see the good in people and that you desire to learn from those who are different than you.

Please know that no matter what, your dad and I will be your biggest cheerleaders. We love you, August and are so deeply thankful that God gave us YOU– a spunky, sassy, funny, curious, snuggly little boy.

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet boy!

Bohle Family October 2015-42


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