harrison-3 months

I can hardly believe that Harrison is 3 months old now. I heard it takes a good 3 months for a family to transition into their new “normal”. Although I would agree with that, I feel like we are just now feeling the transition from a family of three to a family of four. It’s a combination of me heading back to work, a more temperamental baby, trying to nail down a napping schedule and an early bedtime. Although this transition hasn’t necessary been the easiest for us, we are falling more and more in love with our smiley little boy. My heart explodes with love for the two boys we’ve been given.

Firsts–We’ve had a lot of “firsts” this month! Harrison has started rolling over from his tummy to his back. August thinks this the best thing ever! It was so fun to watch August cheer Harrison on and laugh with joy as he kept rolling and rolling. I cannot wait to see what this type of brotherly love looks like when they are older.

We’ve caught glimpses of his first little laugh and oh my–is it precious. He’s becoming more and more smiley and strong–he’s lifting his head all the way off the floor and “standing” and sitting in his Bumbo seat.


Harrison also celebrated his first Christmas. It was so fun to introduce him to so many family members. Next year, he will be chasing his brother around during all the Christmas celebration.  Needless to say, Harrison was the best gift we could’ve asked for this year. We are so thankful.


PersonalityThis little boy is becoming very social. He’ll be screaming in his bedroom–we’ll go up to check on him and the second he sees us, a huge grin that showcases his two little dimples. Stinker. During our drive down to Southern IL for Christmas, he would be screaming in the car seat,once he would see us, all smiles! Someone doesn’t want to miss out on the fun.

Overall, Harrison is a happy little guy. He has a very similar personality as August (smiley, alert, social). He seems a little less active and a little more “chill”. I do think he has a decent amount of stubborn in him though!


Likes: Snuggles with mom and dad, bath time, tickles, silly noises and not being left out! His most favorite place to sleep remains the Rock ‘n Play.


Dislikes- His biggest dislike is his crib– I cannot figure out why he won’t sleep in there. For now he’s sleeping in his Rock ‘n Play. As long as he’s sleeping–I guess I’m okay with it!

Another “dislike” is creating dirty diapers! For the past 6 weeks or so, we’ve constantly been trying to get the poor guy to poop on a more consistent basis. He will go several days, have really bad gas and well..I’ll spare all the details! 😉

Other Fun Stuff: We’ve been trying to figure out who Harrison resembles. I pulled out some of my baby photos and I think this little guy might take after his mom.

This past month has flown by.  We have found so much joy during this Christmas season as we celebrated as a family of four. Our lives have drastically changed but we are so thankful for our new family structure. We keep saying that this is all for a short season. I remind myself daily that babies don’t last nor will this time of transition.

As we enter 2016 we look forward to watching Harrison grow, August mature and Chris and I learn how to best parent these two precious boys.

Harrison Siders–we love you deeply.


August and Harrison both at 3 months.


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