harrison-5 months

Harrison is 5 month old. Almost half a year. I remember during his newborn days, thinking that March seemed so far off. And here we are in March. Time is going fast and he is changing so quickly.


Firsts: He is officially rolling from back to front and front to back. He’s scooting himself around on his blanket and kicking his legs with vigor. He’s lifting his arms up straight while on his tummy. I’ve got this feeling that we might have another mover on our hands.

He’s laughing and squealing more and more. Toys are becoming more interesting, yet people remain his favorite.


IMG_1382Harrison celebrated his first Valentine’s Day with a whole lot of love! 🙂

Likes: He has become very content this month (while awake that is). He LOVES being held and watching with whatever is going on around him. His biggest form of entertainment is watching his big brother play!

IMG_1299Playing with big bro’s train table

When Harrison was a newborn, I thought he would be more introverted and less active than August. I am thinking I was totally wrong about that. He is such an active little guy–always moving and wiggling. And social–oh my lands– is the kid is so social and aware of when people are around and paying attention to him.

Dislikes: We’ve tried first bites of oatmeal cereal only for him to spit it out (we really should try again). He’s starting to protest his carseat and being left alone.

IMG_1291IMG_1400We took him to the doctor this month, convinced that something was wrong with him. Only for the doc to say that he had a slight eye infection and other than that–nothing was wrong! 

Other Developments: At his four month check-up, I asked about the shape of his head because I was noticing a pretty significant flat spot developing. There is a decent chance that he will have to get a helmet to help round out his head. We’ve spent a good deal of time this month making sure that he’s not on his back while awake. We’ll find out this week whether or not he needs a helmet (let’s hope NOT because I’ve heard that can wreck havoc on sleep and well–I’m not sure how much worse it can get).

A major celebration is that we got him out of his Rock ‘n Play and sleeping in his crib (for the most part). Our next goal? To get rid of the swing! The swing seems to be our 4 am lifesaver! 🙂

Sleep: Sleep has been horrible. We’ve tried so many different things this month–ibuprofen, acid reflux medicine, essential oils, changing formula, infant chiropractor. None of them have been the magic bullet. He’s up A LOT throughout the night and will not/cannot fall asleep on his own. Without fail, he wakes up about 40-50 minutes after putting him down. It seems like he always wakes up after his first sleep cycle and cannot put himself back to sleep.

On a good night, between Chris and I, we are up 3-4 times. On a bad night, between the two of us, we are up 10-15 times. We. are. exhausted. I thought  by now, we would be out of the woods and I feel like it’s only gotten worse.

Needless to say–life with Harrison has not been an easy adjustment for us. We’ve been more homebound than we’d like. We spend so much time and energy getting him to sleep. Beyond our frustrations, we are so deeply in love with this dimply, bright eyed little boy. His happy, cheerful personality,  brings us such a great joy and completeness to our family.

Harrison–we love you deeply. We pray that your love for people drives others closer to Jesus. May your dimply smile bring joy to the lonely and your bright eyes carry the love of our Savior. We love you, Harry-booboo! 😉


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