harrison–6 months

There is a common slogan I hear in regards to parenthood: The days are long but the years (months–in Harrison’s case) are short. It’s hard for me to believe that we’ve reached the 6 month mark. If I write this blog with complete honesty, these have not been easy months for us. Harrison has rocked our world in ways we didn’t know possible.

Harrison has turned August’s world upside down… in the best way possible. August has fallen head over heels in love with his little brother. The other day he snuggled up to Harrison, sighed a deep sigh and said, “Harrison, you’re my best buddy.” Every night, without fail, August will come from taking his bath, into Harrison’s room and jump up in my lap as I am feeding Harrison. He will sit and snuggle with him as long as possible. August squeals with delight at the sight of his brother. He shouts with joy when Harrison has a new development. To say August loves Harrison, is an understatement. My heart is full. Their hearts are full. I love watching their brotherhood develop.

Harrison has been a bit of a pistol when it comes to sleeping. We’ve tried almost everything. Our list consists of: Rock ‘n Play, Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, swaddle, swaddle with arms out, swaddle with one arm out, incline the crib, gently rock the crib, gas drops, teething necklace, changing white noise sound, patting his belly to sleep, cry it out, rocking to sleep, chiropractor, ibuprofen, changing formula, and his utmost favorite–his swing. The nights are getting better but nap times remain a struggle.

The stories I hear about me as a baby are VERY similar to the stories we are telling of Harrison. If he remains par for the course, I think we better brace ourselves for his toddlerhood/childhood. Rumor has it, I wasn’t an easy child! 😉

The saving grace with Harrison? His sweet, happy, joyful demeanor when he is awake. The boy doesn’t know how NOT to smile. His bright eyes just exclude love and joy. His favorite way to laugh is by tickles on his belly. His biggest form of entertainment is his brother. He loves being with people and watching what is going on around him.


Harrison has mastered rolling. He’ll start on one side of the living room and end up on the complete opposite side. He’s lifting himself up on straight arms and trying to bring his knees forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s crawling within the next month or so.

He’s become quite the little baby food eater in the past weeks. He’ll down jar after jar of baby food and oatmeal cereal. I can’t imagine what it will be like to feed two teenage boys someday!


He also celebrated his first Easter. We went to Owosso for the day and celebrated with my (Amanda’s) side of the family.

I mentioned earlier how stinkin’ happy the boy is. He is just so full of joy that it’s hard to remain too upset with him when he doesn’t sleep.

I also think we produce boys who don’t know how to sit still. August wriggled his way through babyhood and hasn’t stopped moving. Harrison is following in his footsteps. He will not stop moving!

This month I was in a wedding for a dear friend in Lake Geneva, WI. We made it a family affair and my brother and sister-in-law came with us for the weekend. During our night in the hotel Harrison REFUSED to sleep. We ended up putting him in the car seat, placing the car seat in the middle of our bed, Chris rocked the car seat while Harrison held my hands. The next night, we went out and bought a swing for him to sleep in. We returned it two days later. Someday we’ll laugh about this right? It sure wasn’t funny in the midst of it.

All in all–we love this little boy. Our days aren’t always easy with him. We struggle with how isolated we’ve become during the winter months. Through it all, my prayer remains the same for this sweet little boy. That he learns how to love God, knows how deep His love is for him, and then in return loves God’s people deeply. I pray he is a justice seeker whom strives to bring a little piece of Heaven here on Earth.

Harrison Siders–we love you.


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