Harrison- 9 months

9 months. Wow. Harrison is growing faster than I realize. Since summer has started, I’ve been able to slow down in our daily pace and really enjoy the laid back summer days with the boys. It’s hard to believe that Harrison is almost 1! It seems like just yesterday it was last summer and I was 7 months pregnant! Whew–time needs to slow down.


This month has been a big month for being mobile! He learned how to pull himself up, move from crawling to sitting back to crawling. When he’s holding onto something, he’s figuring out how to shuffle his way around. He’s eating more and more foods and growing by the day!



It has been so fun to watch Harrison’s personality develop. Overall, he’s a pretty chill little guy. He’s totally content to sit/stand and play by himself while August plays around him. He is way more content being by himself than August ever was.

He loves sitting in the grass/woodchips/etc. and exploring all the new textures around him. Tickles and peek-a-boo are favorites as well.

One of Harrison’s most favorite activity? Bathtime with his brother. He splashes, splashes, and splashes. His favorite places to crawl are under tables while chasing after balls. Shoes seem to be his favorite toy to chew on as well.


Harrison has developed and mastered a whine in protest of things he doesn’t like. This typically consists of diaper changes, getting dressed, being put into the carseat, wanting down or when a toy is taken away.

He does not like it when his big brother squeezes him too tightly, or tries to wrestle with him. Imagine that.

Summer Fun:

We’ve been enjoying these slow summer days at home. As a family, we took a long weekend to Chicago to visit friends and my brother and sister-in-law. Another weekend we went tent camping at the Holland State Park with some good friends of ours. Harrison was great during the day. At night? He was horrible. The second night there I ended up driving home at 1:00am with him. It sure was an adventure.

Other summer fun has included: pool days at MVP, stroller rides, trips downtown, watching big brother play at the park and enjoying a relaxed schedule.

Life with Harrison wasn’t easy for the first 6 months. While each day presents it’s own unique challenge, we feel like the days and nights with Harrison have become easy. He’s predictable. He sleeps almost all night (still wakes up once for a bottle), he takes two great naps. He’s content and happy. Thank you Jesus!!

Brotherly Love:

Man–there is something about brothers, isn’t there? August just LOVES Harrison. Here are some quotes from August regarding Harrison:

“Harrison, you are my best buddy ever.”

“I love you so much, Harrison.”

“Can I snuggle with you forever, Harrison?”

“I want to snuggle Harrison forever.”

What a jot it is to watch this brotherhood slowly form. Harrison greets August each morning with a smile and loud squeal. There’s not denying that they love each other.


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