Harrison: 11 months

Wow.  Our last update before the big 1 year blog.  In some ways it seems like this has gone by so fast.  And in other ways, it seems that Harrison has just always been a part of our family.  It is difficult to remember life with just us and August.


New Things: We haven’t experienced a ton of new developments this month. Harrison is faster at crawling and hungrier than ever. His vocabulary is has expanded into more babbling of constant sounds. He’ll jibber and jabber while he contently plays with toys. This month he has discovered that cabinet doors open, there are fun things to play with in the refrigerator and the toilet is a great place to splash in.

The most exciting “new” development? WE ARE HELMET FREE!!!

Likes: Harrison likes, I mean LOVES to eat. The kid will eat ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING we put in front of him. Anything that he can feed himself, that is. If it’s on a spoon–forget it. Applesauce, yogurt, baby food–he will not have it. Kale and quinoa veggie burgers–he can’t get enough. We’ll take it considering how picky August is.


Harrison loves chasing balls around the living room and chasing August throughout the house. He also loves sidewalk chalk. I don’t know if it’s the texture or what, but he LOVES holding and *trying* to eat chalk. Other favorites include: swinging, tickets, peek-a-boo, and bath time with big brother.

Dislikes: There’s not much Harrison dislikes. He doesn’t like  being hungry or told “no”. He’s developed quite the cry in protest of something being taken away. From a few different encounters with dogs, we’ve realized he is terrified of the furry friends.

Personality: When reading back on August’s 11 month blog post, I said that his personality was curious, joyful yet stubborn and strong willed. Almost 3 years later–I was spot on.

Harrison’s personality is much more calm and laid back than August. Harrison is one happy little guy who goes about doing his own thing. As long as he has sleep, food and can burn off his energy–he’s perfectly content. He’s laid back and calm but very active.

Brothers: It is so fun to see such a sweet bond develop between August and Harrison. I am sure they will have their differences throughout life, but daily I pray that they become best friends. That they support one another and look out for each other. August cannot wait for the day when they can share a room and have bunk beds.

This month we transitioned out of summer mode and back into school mode. I have two days off per week this year, which has allowed for a really nice home/work balance. Daycare days have been much easier than in the spring, now that Harrison is a champ at sleeping. I  love my days at home with the boys and I love the days I get to teach.

Harrison Siders–you continue to bless us with your smile and sweet demeanor. We often hear comments about how bright your eyes are or how sweet your smile. I pray that you always will radiate the love of Christ to those around you. We love you so much, little brother.

My (Amanda) dad sent me this picture of him when he was 13 months old. When put aside a picture of Harrison–I see a strong resemblance. I think Harrison has some Wissman blood in him.


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