Merry Christmas- 2016

In annual Christmas tradition our tree is up, cookies have been made, local light tours have been taken and our Christmas has has been sent. As we wait for these finals days to pass before Christmas Day, we wanted to take the time to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas.

The Bohle Family Christmas letter has taken a new twist this year.

Much love from our home to yours.

Merry Christmas!

Eight years into the Bohle family being in existence and we are still experiencing many firsts.  This year’s Christmas letter is a collection of all life’s firsts in 2016.

  1. Chris’ exclusive authorship of the family Christmas letter. Yes that’s right. Chris here–and I am in charge of the letter this year. Save the laughter for the end. And don’t tell me whether you’re laughing because of the letter’s overwhelming hilarity or its piteous ignorance.
  2. August’s Surgery. This was one of the most taxing parts of our year.  Since March 2015 when August was first diagnosed with accommodative esotropia, we knew surgery could be in his future if glasses and patching did not work. August’s surgery was performed by the best Pediatric Opthamologist in this area (and there are not very many either!) at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. This hospital is unreal–the level of care, expertise, and compassion is second to none.  We were blown away! He recovered very quickly. He is glasses free for now, but may need to return to glasses and periodic patching to keep strengthening his eyes.
  3. August attends pre-school for the first time! August is in 3’s preschool for ½ day on Tuesdays and the entire day on Thursdays. On Thursdays, they go to an outdoor nature center for exploration.  He loves it and comes home exhausted every day. His favorite part of the day is riding the bus and recess.
  4. Chris is a professor! I am now teaching 2 classes per semester in Hope College’s Leadership Minor. I have about 25 students per section, and this has rounded out my work at Hope in a really great way. I love it and the students. Are you feeling discouraged about the world these days?  These students offer much to be hopeful about (no pun intended!).
  5. We are attending a new church called Maple Avenue Ministries. It’s nothing big, flashy, or huge.  Just a small, multicultural, reconciliatory church that is focused on serving the city core of Holland. This place has blessed us and we hope to bless others by attending there.
  6. Harrison’s first steps. Who am I kidding though? His first steps are one of a million firsts for this little guy. His first wave. His first blowing of kisses. His first initiation of snuggling with mom and dad and brother. His first tantrum. Oh and he can climb down stairs now. Awesome.
  7. Another first for Harrison here…but it’s worth pulling out into its own line. His FIRST TIME SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Yes, it’s true. After a grueling babydom, we exited the period of our life where we we consistently crabby, angry, exhausted, and lethargic. Praise God.  
  8. First flight for both boys. We took the entire family to Colorado Springs to see two dear friends from high school. Not only was the trip absolutely amazing, but the flight went well too! The boys had minimal meltdowns and they enjoyed the experience. As you may know, I have a severe and irrational fear of flying. Strangely, adding two kids to the mix distracted me from thinking about all of the terrible ways we could die while 30,000 feet in the air. They were oddly comforting. An opiate for the soul.
  9. Amanda’s work schedule. This is the first year Amanda’s teaching schedule has allowed for every Monday and Tuesday to be spent at home with the boys. This a very welcome change. She is still teaching first grade at Holland Christian and enjoys it very much. She won’t say it, but she causes those kids to love reading and learning. She is quite gifted.
  10. Every year during this season we are reminded of that special first Christmas, many years ago. We are reminded of the love of Christ that has been given to us through the birth of our Savior. May you and your family take time to remember that very special, first Christmas.

Much Love,

Chris, Amanda, August and Harrison Bohle



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