Our goal of this blog isn’t to change the world. Or assume that there are millions of people out there dying to know what is going on the in lives of Chris and Amanda. We are starting this blog as a way of sharing how we spend our time, our passions and maybe some of our views.

Chris works as the Associate Director of Student Life at Hope College in Holland, MI. He started in July 2012, and he loves his job.

Amanda is a 1st grade teacher. Crying. Laughing. Sometimes [bathroom-ing on themselves]. Teaching. Learning. Coloring. Cutting. Singing. Loving. Life as a teacher is interesting. There are days that I could not picture myself doing anything else. And days where I am so exhausted I rather be working from home. In my sweatpants. Drinking coffee. Sleeping in. Does that exist? I guess that’s called summer vacation.

August doesn’t have a paying job yet.  Right now, we’ve tasked him with eating more and crying less. He’s doing an ok job so far.  He does have aspirations to someday enjoy politics and tennis.  Or maybe that is just dad projecting his own desires on August.


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